Nathalie Beccard, the French woman piloting the synod of vehicles

ANDThis is the most important thing for the future of Catholicism. She’s not a woman, that’s obvious. But Nathalie Beccard is the cheville ouvrière du Synod des evêques here on October 4 in Rome, and here for a month, with the help of lay experts, she has been planning reforms for l’Eglise.

This religious French woman, belonging to the Congregation of Xavier, has worked in intelligence for five years and graduated from HEC (Entrepreneurial Circumstances). She served as a volunteer in Beirut and then worked in Marseille, marking the northern quarters where she was the first to have an implant and where she supported Cardinal Jean-Marc Aveline, master of the Pope’s residence at the cité phocéenne, not she that other.

She is responsible for hanging…

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