Nathan and Leni Klum, photo with friends

Flavio Briatore Dad tied to Nathan Falko, born 13 years ago from his marriage to Elisabetta Gregorachiand Leni Klum, in 2004 his former partner, a German model Heidi Klum. The entrepreneur decided to take the guys on vacation with friends and posted a photo on his page. Instagram. “Vacation to Monaco,” he writes, accompanying a photograph of him and his boys relaxing on a boat.

Elisabetta Gregorachi, mid-August on a boat with Nathan Falco. Hater: “100 Years of Briatore”

How much does Ferragosto cost on Twiga: “A tent for 600 euros.” And the state? 17 thousand euros per year

Unrecognized daughter

The photographs confirm the excellent relationship of the two brothers, who, although they do not live together and have two different mothers, have also shown on other occasions that they have excellent harmony. Leni Klum was born from the union of Klum and Briatore. Flavio did not acknowledge his daughter for many years, according to the model, but over the years they have always known each other to such an extent that Briatore admitted: “I am proud of her, I love her as much as Falco.”

Big family

However, it’s no secret that he has a great relationship with Nathan Falko, who always seems to happily accept the idea of ​​having an older sister: “He’s happy. We told him it was great a couple of years ago and he said, “Dad, I already knew.” And also because now children go to Google and find out everything, ”Briatore always explained. Today, they are all one big big family, given that Flavio maintains a great relationship with two ex-girlfriends.

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