NBA fans blame Michael Jordan’s Last Dance for ruining Jerry Krause – What happened to Netflix’s 2020 blockbuster?

The inaugural Chicago Bulls Ring of Honor recently honored 13 former Bulls players. Hall of Fame basketball players like Michael Jordan are also among the recipients. Also inducted was the late Jerry Krause, a key architect behind the team’s success. However, a sudden and unexpected move by a Bulls fan ruined his honor at the event. What happened at the Bulls’ first Ring of Honor ceremony? How do people connect Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” to the events of that night? Well, last night was the Bulls’ first-ever Ring of Honor ceremony. Since Jerry Krause passed away in 2017, his widow Thelma took his place. Unfortunately, Chicago’s United Center began booing their former executive when her husband’s name was called.

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Now, here’s how it connects to “The Last Dance.” The documentary series focuses on the friction between players and management, especially between Jordan and Krause. Jerry Krause’s character is portrayed as confrontational, creating tension as he believes players take undue credit for the Bulls’ on-court victories. His quote is: “Players and coaches alone don’t win championships” Jordan also expressed his disdain for the comment, further fueling the controversy.

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In addition, the series also hinted that the Bulls dynasty was ended by Jerry Krause. Despite the negative characterization, there’s no denying that the general manager played a key role in the Chicago Bulls’ historic six championships. The series sheds light on Krause’s decisions and actions, often from a critical perspective. Also, his comments about Phil Jackson were pretty poor.

Chicago fans grappled with acknowledging his contributions while scrutinizing his management style. The show may have been the reason why fans booed him at the awards show. However, there’s no denying the team’s success during his tenure. Even without success, booing the dead has angered various legends and analysts. Of course, as you can imagine, it was a rough night for Selma Krause as well.

Fans booing Jerry Krause leaves his widow in tears

Although Krause was instrumental in assembling the Bulls’ storied roster, he still faced criticism and tense relationships during his time as the team’s general manager. Krause retired from the organization in 2003 and received two Executive of the Year awards (1988, 1996). After his death in 2017, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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Even so, Selma Krause stepped up and gave a touching speech on her husband’s behalf.But six years later, Selma may regret appearing in Ring of Honor. The unexpected jeers shocked everyone present.

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The reaction was unexpected. While the fans’ dislike of Krause was well known, what surprised them was the sudden booing upon his recognition. There were audible boos throughout the stadium during the half-time ceremony, which appeared to bring tears to his widow’s eyes. Later that night, Steve Kerr’s team would play the Bulls and he couldn’t believe the behavior of the fans.


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During the Bulls’ subsequent game against the Warriors, broadcaster Stacey King expressed disgust at the boos from fans. “This is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. I feel sorry for that lady.Whoever booed her on this stage should be ashamed“.

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