NBA: Kendra Lust inspires LeBron James and all Lakers ahead of 2023-2024 season with one photo

kendra lust She is undoubtedly one of the most famous actresses in adult films, which is why she is widely recognized on social networks and inspires people with this LeBron James and all lakers and attached is a sheet for 2023-2024 NBA Season.

new activity NBA will debut king james and Los Angeles Lakers To kick things off, the famous actress posted a photo on her X account (formerly Twitter) of the Los Angeles fivesome having a great year.

As if that wasn’t enough, in a comment to the publication, the actress also assured that she will be participating in several games this season. “I’m going to a lot of games this season. I have season tickets.”

kendra lust Not only is she famous as a porn actress, but she is also a devoted sports fan who always posts on her official account the times she goes to the stadium, the teams she supports and her daily routine in different disciplines Life. like..

Lust is very passionate about the UFC and wrestling and has many friends in both industries. On his network, he has countless photos with WWE and MMA stars. In addition, he has appeared in several NFL games.

LeBron James heads into his 21st season

LeBron James Season 21 will be dedicated to him NBA to his son.encourage brownie For the NFL’s all-time scoring leader, recovery from cardiac arrest will be paramount. NBA. “Nothing else matters except my family,” he warned. james.

but lebron He is also considering adding another title to his collection and believes lakers of angels They are talented enough to pull it off.

Bronny James James said at Lakers media day before training camp that he is making progress in his recovery after suffering a cardiac arrest and hopes to return to play for USC this season.

james He’s encouraged by the progress made by his 18-year-old son, who suffered a cardiac arrest while practicing at the Galen Center in July.

“The brownies are very good,” he assured. james. “He began the rehab process and returned to the field this season with his USC teammates. With successful surgery, his condition is improving. “We do have a lot of emotions as a family this summer, but the best we have is The things are each other. “

lebron Credit USC training staff and coaches for saving lives brownie with your prompt reply. Browne is taking classes at USC and spending time with classmates while recovering.

it all helps james made the decision to continue his career NBA.James has previously mentioned the possibility of retirement lakers They swept the finals Meeting Whereas Denver.

Apart from lebron He will have a strong team around him after a series of trades in February kept the Lakers at 18-8 and reaching the mini-tournament and two rounds of the playoffs.


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