NBA legend defends Dwyane Wade as ‘underwear-wearing’ Michael Jordan comparisons raise eyebrows

Makeup and men. Because Dwyane Wade wore nail polish, the conversation around him took a dramatic turn. Entertainment stars like Mays were quick to criticize him. According to him, this amounts to ““Michael Jordan in his underwear.” However, the NBA fraternity has no problem supporting Wade, considering the respect he holds within the league. However, the Miami Heat legend found another supporter in a rather unexpected place.

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Detroit Pistons legend and Jordan rival John Salley isn’t being maligned. Instead, he chose to view the entire situation as a good thing. “I guess, let me tell you, self-expression should just be your self-expression. ”

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If this is how Wade wants to express himself, we should celebrate. Like, if he feels comfortable putting nail polish on his nails, whatever it is. You should…he’s respected for his basketball and that’s how we should stay,” he said.

Throughout the interview, Sully showed off a very different side to what fans are used to seeing.During his tenure as chairman, he would even pay tribute to his once-hated rival Michael and crown him “Only one attracts me.”

While he’s willing to take a more calm approach, the three-time NBA champion has a similar mindset when it comes to approaching the entire situation.

Dwyane Wade fires back at haters


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Despite the backlash from some fans, the overall response to Dwayne’s fashion choices over the years has been positive. However, following the extreme diagnosis of his nail polish look, the 2006 Finals MVP had to respond.

Instead of focusing on hatred, Wade understands the consequences of his choices. To him, people either didn’t understand or he was ahead of the curve. But this did not affect his growth and he was easily willing to forgive them. For him, what he likes and what he feels good about his body are the most fundamental issues.

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Unfortunately, flash He had plenty of practice dealing with some of the ugly realities that emerged in society when his children first came out as transgender. It really gave him a deeper understanding and perspective because of the nasty comments he and his family had to face during that time.


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Hopefully people will recognize this situation. Live and let others live.

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