NBA market opens with a bang: The Lakers are serious. Irving Has Decided: Stick With Doncic

If he has decided to stay, it is because he wants the certainty of being able to fight for the title: LeBron James made it clear to the Lakers managementAnd the first hour of free agency (the hottest period of the market) clearly confirmed this.

Because the yellow and purple have done everything to satisfy the expansionist aims of their emblematic player: with the signing of Gabe Vincent from Miami (33 million for three years), Tauren Prince from Minnesota (4.5 million per season) e Cam Radish from Portland (on the minimum wage) The message to the league came through loud and clear, as well as a confirmation of an element that had come to the fore in the previous year, namely rui hachimura (51 million for the next three years).

waiting for him too Austin Reeves Confirmed (is a restricted free agent: i Lakers have the ability to match any offer made to themand we will start with a base of 52 million for three seasons), the only departure that has turned our noses a bit is Dennis Schroeder, passed to toronto raptors Where he will earn 26 million in two years. But the balance of the first hours of the transfer market is objectively positive.

Green didn’t leave the Warriors

A market that opened with a bang, although in the end the two most anticipated heroes decided not to change their habits. For example, Draymond Green didn’t mind abandoning the Warriors, The last decade has seen him win 4 rings (as well as lose two finals): the Renew with the Golden State arrived on a four-year basis for a total of 100 million euros, leaving me sacramento kings (who thought about it a little too much) with a handful of flies in hand.

irving stays with doncic

Even Kyrie Irving ultimately preferred to stay where he ended up in early 2023: fit with luka doncic To Dallas Not that it did very well, but against the $126 million offered by management maws stayed in Texas The point guard didn’t feel inclined to decline the offer over the next three years, even though doubts remained about his true consistency with the team’s other star (hard pun is on the pitch).

Seth Curry also returned to Dallas for the third time in his career. little brother of the famous steph, which will raise 9 million in the next two years. However, the “star” on the first day of free agency certainly responds to the name of Fred VanVleet: Houston has literally covered him in gold to snatch him from strong competition, offering him 130 million for the next three years, as no undrafted player (i.e. not selected in the draft) in the league’s 75-year history ) had never happened. ,

Fast bowlers will scream: Tyrese Halliburton says yes

There was never any doubt that Tyrese Halliburton could stay at the Pacers: 260 million spread over 5 years is worth the “sacrifice” of the Indiana Jewel, whose new agreement will begin with the 2024-25 season (next will have to “settle” for a still-rare 6 million, as provisioned) in the contract).

fast bowlers then they did another nice coup New NBA champion Bruce Brown snatching the Nuggets, The revelation of the latest final, assured by a two-year contract worth 45 million in total.

He breathed a sigh of relief in Portland: jeramy grantAfter being courted by various franchises, he eventually remained with the Blazers, where he plans to set up home for at least the next 5 seasons (€160 million in revenue).

In Oregon, the move is also seen as stalling the idea. damian lillard Could ask for short term sell but it’s too early to sing victory. Bucks will remain Khris Middleton, Which, for the web of some physical problems, remains the best recourse Giannis Antetokounmpo (102 million over four years), while one of the prized pieces of free agency, namely Cam Johnson of the Nets, In the end he decided to stay in Brooklyn as well, signing a 4-year contract worth a total of 108 million euros.

Other names for the NBA market

Perhaps the most surprising signing of the night included Kyle Kuzma: Washington certainly hasn’t found great appeal in the league, but his decision to stay in the capital (there’s also a four-year deal worth $102 million for him) left many buyers unsatisfied. demon bane He cashed in on a handsome five-year deal with Memphis worth 207 million, where he married for far more contained figures. Derrick Rose (6.5 million for two years), but who will have the onerous and extremely costly task of trying to pry the jitters (off the field) ja morant,

In Miami, Vincent lost and with Strauss in the Cavs’ sights, Kevin Love renewed signing experience (7.7 million for two seasons) E Josh Richardson, who goes back Florida 4 years after the last time (a total of 3 million compensation in two years).

he also hit two shots Cleveland: Georges Niang from Phila. (26 million for three years) and reaffirmed caris levert (biennial for 32 million) represent two good solutions to lengthen the rotation.

kobi white He decided to stay in Chicago, signing for three years for 40 million, and he also remained with the Bulls. Nikola Vucevic, Again for three years, but for a total of 60 million. This is the 80 million that Toronto gave to Jakob Poelt Immediately accepted by the Austrian center, for the next 4 years.

Finally, the Phoenix moves: Warriors await replacement for Chris Paul, Yuta Watanabe, Drew Eubank, Keita Bates-Diop and Chimezi Metu arrive (Aside from the renewals of Josh Okogie and Damian Lee) the rotation has been kept tall. In total, a total of $2 billion worth of transactions were seen in just a few hours. proof that The word “crisis” is virtually unknown in NBA terminology.

NBA market opens with a bang: The Lakers are serious.  Irving Has Decided: Stick With Doncic Source: Getty Images

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