NBA superstar joins Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers They appear to be immersed in the same dynamic they witnessed during the NBA’s regular season last season. The team has not completed linking a wide range of sensations and outcomes Among other things, this is because LeBron James, and especially Anthony Davis, are not delivering at the highest level they have become accustomed to during their careers.

Indeed, LeBron’s seniority brings him a greater degree of compression. 38 years old They force him to measure his efforts more and more frequently, but in the case of Eyebrow This is becoming increasingly disappointing as Davis is nowhere near the numbers the Lakers dream of earning a championship ring in 2024.

It can be said with certainty Austin Reeves He’s the only notable player on Davon Hamm’s team who’s guaranteed to perform satisfactorily in every game for the Purple and Gold, so The Chicago Bulls have yet to impress Arena with their declaration of intent for the coming months: trading Zach LaVine for the aforementioned Reeves.

Indeed, the Washington-born shooting guard did. 28 years old He’s one of the best scorers in the NBA and one of the most successful 3-point shooters in the game, but Reeves has become such a heavyweight in Los Angeles that LaBron and Davis can’t even imagine the damage that would be caused by accepting such a trade.

What’s more, there’s another hurdle to consider, as the Lakers will take a closer look at adding Zach LaVine without Reeves. Moreover, in addition to the 25-year-old bodyguard, Since the Bulls star is one of the highest-paid players in the NBA, set to earn a whopping $40,064,220 this season, the California team will have to bring several employees on board to operate in order to comply with established salary limits.

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