Nearly 30,000 people treated for urological conditions

attention. It is best to see a doctor before any symptoms appear.

Durango Century

Daniel Estrada Durango Century

So far in 2023, the Durango Health Department has treated 29,377 UTI patients.

According to the updated statistics on July 15, of the total cases visited, there were 6,699 males and 22,678 females.

Nationwide, 1,799,541 people were treated for these urinary tract disorders.

Of the total cases treated in Mexico, 397,579 were males and 1,401,962 were females, according to official reports.

Although the urine does not contain bacteria, sometimes bacteria from outside sources can enter the urinary tract and cause infections of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urinary tract. The most common infection occurs in the bladder.

Some symptoms of a UTI are frequent urination; pain or burning when urinating; unusually colored urine; blood in the urine and fever.

Before any infection develops, it is best to see a doctor, who will determine the type of infection and follow up.

There are some preventive measures that can reduce the risk of these infections, such as drinking enough water each day, practicing good genital area hygiene, not suppressing the urge to urinate, wearing cotton underwear, and avoiding tight clothing.

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