Neither boos nor ‘Baby Federer’ can stop Novak Djokovic from breaking into top 40 | Relief

Nacho Nkabo

There are currently 97 championship titles, including 24 Grand Slam titles. 40 in the Masters 1000 starting this Sunday.Ranked No. 1 longer than anyone else. More wins against top ten players than anyone else. Cannibal Unparalleled, tireless tennis player. Novak Djokovic. At the age of 36, he swept opponents 10 and 15 years younger than him. Ruthlessly. And some people dared to boo him on the tennis court.

He will never have the elegance of Roger Federer or the charisma of Rafael Nadal. Indeed, he was wrong more than once and twice. He’s certainly made some ugly moves during his nearly 20-year career. This is undoubtedly controversial and politically incorrect. But from there, to booing him in the Masters 1000 final, a race he competed in and won with gastroenteritis, there was a way. His assessment of the Paris-Bercy crowd was much worse than his assessment of the bad reputation of the Paris-Bercy crowd. Nole.

his last victim was Grigor Dimitrov, this gentle and delicate Bulgarian tennis player, was initially nicknamed “Little Roger” because his style was very similar to Federer. But neither Dimitrov’s second youth nor anything could stop Djokovic from claiming his seventh title with a 6-4, 6-3 record at Bercy in Paris. Not much history. Does anyone doubt that the Serbs will win?must Dimitrov covered his head with a towel and cried after the game.

The most surprising thing was that he blew the whistle after winning the first set. Number One put his hands to his ears. “Shush me, shush me,” the Serbian seemed to say, before sitting down in his chair and continuing to gesture towards the stands. “Keep going, keep going,” Djokovic told them. A word of advice: If you’re a fan and you want Noll to lose, don’t whistle at him, don’t boo him. This sound is music to your ears and gasoline to the gas tank. You grow, you enjoy, this is your habitat.

In recent days we have seen all kinds of things among the public in Paris, a very difficult and demanding place. They whistled him in both the quarterfinals and semifinals.Nothing new. A few days ago, a fed-up Daniil Medvedev dedicated a comb to French fans. Two years ago, Carlos Alcaraz cried on the pitch, helpless in the face of public pressure. When it’s a constant, the problem is in the stands, not on the track.

40 Master 1000, Barbarian

Djokovic wins at Paris-BercyIncreases his advantage over Carlos Alcaraz in the competition and, with a 1,490-point cushion, is just one win away from ensuring he ends the season at No. 1 at the ATP Finals in Turin ranking. The Spaniard, on the other hand, needs to win the title in Turin and Nole cannot add another win.

Djokovic said after winning the title: “It’s unbelievable to win after what I’ve been through this week. I lost the previous three games and today I was able to play to my best. ” to enhance his legend.

balkan peninsula He is the first tennis player in history to reach the iconic number of 40 titles in the Masters 1000, the most important tournament outside the Grand Slams. Rafael Nadal is second with 36, followed by Roger Federer with 28 and Andre Agassi with 17. Additionally, it continues to approach the overall title record jimmy conners, 109 singles tournament champions. Djokovic ranked third with a score of 97, behind Jimbo and Federer’s 103.

Nacho Nkabo

Nacho Encabo is Relevo’s sports editor and an expert on tennis and the Olympics.Born in Madrid, studied Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

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