Neo-Nazi march at Walt Disney World in Florida

A group of neo-Nazis dressed in red and black suits, wearing brightly colored balaclavas and sunglasses, march through Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida on September 5, 2023. The march looked more like a cosplay show than the Nuremberg rally of the Third Reich. Today. Leaving aside the clumsiness of the protesters, the rally has confused the guests of the world’s largest amusement park.

Nazi groups shouted out calls for white supremacy, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTQ+, raising their right hands in a typical 1930s Nazi salute. As this group marched into Walt Disney World at a separate rally a few miles north of Orlando in Altamonte Springs, another neo-Nazi group repeated the goose-step march through downtown.

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), 15 members of the neo-Nazi groups Order of the Black Sun and the Aryan Liberation Network marched on the march. Sheriff John Mina and Orange County agents immediately intervened and immediately stopped the neo-Nazis from doing so.

We know that these groups hold demonstrations in high-profile places to agitate and incite people using anti-Semitic symbols and slurs.This is stated in the message of the sheriff’s office. “The Orange County Sheriff’s Office condemns any form of hate speech, but under the First Amendment, people have the right to demonstrate. What these groups are doing is outrageous and condemned in the strongest terms by Sheriff (John) Mina and the Sheriff’s Office. They seek attention, especially the media.“.

Hours later, more than 50 members of the neo-Nazi groups the Goy Defense League and Blood Tribe marched into Cranes Rust Park, a waterfront in the suburb of Altamonte Springs, about 12 miles north of Orlando, waving swastika flags, saluting Hitler and shouting “White Power.” and “The Jews will not replace us,” according to the ADL.

“While the message was disturbing, not a single action went as far as an arrest.“This is stated in the statement of the Altamonte police.

Good people with kind hearts should not hide their identity.Altamonte Springs Mayor Pat Bates said. “Altamonte Springs is a strong, inclusive, and diverse city: hate speech will not change these characteristics of us. Their hate speech can be defended (from the First Amendment) but it’s absolutely disgusting“.

The events come just a week after a white, armed, tie-wearing neo-Nazi gunned down three black boys at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida.

Unfortunately, there are no Nazi apology crimes in the United States and Florida, and there are no aggravating circumstances for racially motivated crimes, such as the famous law of June 25, 1993, n. 205 (Mancino Law) Italian.

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