Netflix has a psychological drama that needs to be rediscovered, a film full of tension and eros.

Are you intrigued by love triangles and are you looking for psychological thriller see tonight? On Netflix There is psychological drama full of tension and passionate story at its core. Has a name Chloe – Between Seduction and Deception and is a remake of a French film.

on Netflix psychological drama

On Netflix, a psychological drama with passionate overtones

Chloe – Between Seduction and Deception – 2009 film directed by Atom Egoyan. The cast is decent. The main characters are, in fact, Oscar winners. Julianne Moore (Still Alice, far from paradise, Watch), Liam Neeson (Michael Collins, Schindler’s list, Real love – Real love) AND Amanda Seyfried (Crappy girl, Oh mom!, Letters to Juliet).

Movie remake French Natalie (2003), written and directed by Anne Fontaine. In this case, the three main characters were played by Fanny Ardant, Gerard Depardieu and Emmanuelle BĂ©art. Director Egoyan returns, later False TruthsTo get involved in family relationships again in search of the truth hidden behind appearances.

Plot of the film Chloe – Between Seduction and Deception

Catherinedoctor and david, professor of music, they are a happy couple, they have a teenage son, Michael. On David’s birthday, Katherine throws a party for him. surprise party, but the man misses his flight from New York and doesn’t arrive on time. The next morning, when she discovers a text message sent to David’s phone from one of the students, Katherine starts I suspect her husband is cheating on her.

Convinced that David has a mistress, Katherine tracks him down. chloe escortand hires her to test David’s loyalty. The two women meet regularly and Katherine organizes every detail of the meeting. David and Chloe are dating. Her jealousy increases, but at the same time, amazing emotions and unusual. Thus he finds himself in a trap made of sexual desire and begins a journey that, instead of helping, will endanger his family.

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