Netflix is ​​speeding up games inspired by its most successful shows

Netflix wants to produce more video games based on its most successful content: This is an indiscretion that has been repeated for some time now, but, apparently, the work has reached the final stage and the strategy is about to be put into practice. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, there are at least two games in development: one dedicated to the game “Squid” and the other to “The Wednesday”, a spin-off (or reboot, if you prefer) of “The Addams Family” starring Jenna Ortega and Christina . Ricci.

Netflix has included a series of mobile games in its subscription for some time now: These are free to download from the Play Store or App Store, but they only work once you’re signed into your Netflix account. They do not contain advertising or in-app purchases, and do not require additional payment. In many cases, these are special editions of already known games without advertising, in-app and with all possible DLC, using a formula similar to what Apple uses for its Arcade service.

The catalog currently includes over seventy games, eleven of which are associated with Netflix franchises and IPs – for example, The Queen of Chess, a strategy game inspired by Narcos, an endless runner based on Sonic (from which Netflix produced an animated series), a strategy game based on the Vikings universe, and even three games dedicated to Stranger Things.

The Netflix Gaming initiative has been underway for many years, but so far we haven’t seen particularly impressive results. In fact, this is a more or less expected result: the streaming giant does not hide the fact that it wants to act calmly and carefully, avoiding haste and trying to carve out its own space in the sector in a reasonable and reasoned way. Anyway, the intention to go beyond just streaming movies and TV series is obvious – just a few days ago we learned that next year the first physical premises will appear that will combine catering, retail and interactive entertainment.

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