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Have you seen (re)discovered a great sci-fi movie on Netflix? According to your advice, to pull up the classic cinema suite.

This is a suite from one of the greatest science fiction films, and the burtan is unforgivably short and unusual. Attention, this page contains the Netflix catalog! In addition, you should find the rat catcher.

What are you talking about?

In 2049, society is fragile due to numerous contradictions between humans and bioengineered eclaves. Officer K – “Blade Runner”: a member of an elite intervention squad, called upon to find and eliminate the causes that do not obey the laws of people.

Lorskil discovered the secret of the lasting and capable of changing the world, the most sublime cases of décident que c’est à son Tour d’être trequé et éliminé. I am espoir est retrouver Rick Deckard, the ancient Blade Runner here for the last few decades…

“Blade Runner 2049” Denis Villeneuve with Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas, Jared Leto, Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Mackenzie Davis…

A box office failure and a great sci-fi film

Novel adaptation Les androides revent-ils de moutons électriques? Philip K. Dick, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner to denote the genre of science fiction in film. Thirty years ago, Denis Villeneuve proposed an unreleased suite called Blade Runner 2049.

The plot takes place three years after the adventures of Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) and tells the story of K (Ryan Gosling), a modern-day replicant – an android created in the image of a Man – and a Los Angeles police officer tasked with finding other models of defective and defective replicants.

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Special Question K is addressed to you to find out the wrong truth about replicants in order to change the face of the world and cross the hemin of the ancient blade runner Rick Deckard, who does not want to know that he is the grave of love. for the replicant Rachel.

This Blade Runner set was released in 2000 with the approval of Ridley Scott. The first few directors have signed on to the project and are looking forward to 2015 for the sequel to be confirmed and ready for auditions.

Finally, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, among others for his critically acclaimed films Prisoners, Sicario and even Premier Contact, has the honor of offering a selection of the best science fiction films of all time.

With production assistance from Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve offers a new service from director of photography Roger Deakins, who works to elevate the aesthetics of Blade Runner 2049, a contemplative and poetic feature film.

Sony Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures

Denis Villeneuve feels the luxury of Harrison Ford’s return and still plays for the teams of Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Robin Wright or even Jared Leto. With an impeccable cast, sumptuous photography and a performing group, Blade Runner 2049 may attempt to offer a coherent intrigue here if they live up to the original film.

Unfortunately, the film was considered a box office failure worldwide, grossing less than $260 million. The same criticism is directed at Ridley Scott, who plays for too long, and the producer of the premiere film, Michael Deeley, who believes that the work of Denis Villeneuve “at a minimum self-submission, the likelihood of arrogance, etc. a crime“.

Purtan, Blade Runner 2049 receives critical acclaim from the press and the public who listen to the execution, cinematography or special effects. The Blade Runner sequel, which won an Oscar for its photography by Roger Deakins, is often called an untold sci-fi film.

Plus, if you haven’t discovered it yet, you won’t have to wait any longer to watch it on Netflix.

Blade Runner 2049 will be released on Netflix on October 13th.

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