Netflix, what is the most watched series of all time? who ranks first

Over many years of activity, Netflix has produced a huge number of series: but which one is the most watched of all time? The official Netflix portal TUDUM has unveiled the official data: here are the most successful serial productions for the platform.

Despite the recent controversy over the ban on shared membership, Netflix remains one of the undisputed leaders in video streaming. In recent years, the stage has also managed to place many of its productions in the most important events, including several statuettes. Emmy Awards And golden globes, In parallel with the critical acclaim, the video streaming giant has shown that it also knows how to disrupt the public’s choice – more often than not.

What are the most watched series on Netflix?
Most Viewed Series on Netflix: Yeh Hai Data (ANSA) – VelvetMatte

In some cases, in fact, it has literally achieved its goal. At least, that’s what we learn from the official figures released Netflix Portal TUDUM, which represents numbers belonging to a given time interval. In detail, it is possible to consult different rankings, taking into account different parameters. The data taken into account for this ranking is – Updated June 2023 – Which group the series is considering viewing hours in total first 28 days Since release. Distinguishes between site aggregator chains English And non – englishThose have been merged here: here is the updated ranking.

Netflix, the platform’s 10 most successful series: Here’s who’s at number one

despite the ranking of the series was abruptly canceled Growing year after year, Netflix often manages to positively surprise its users. The success of the series shown here is surely one of the most telling signs. The data, which can be easily checked on the above site, is an excellent indicator to keep the platform customers’ trends always under control. So which are the series that clocked the most number of hours in the first 28 days of their release? here is the ranking first to tenth,

Netflix's Most Successful Series: Title
Stranger Things, Squid Game and Dahmer – Mostro, one of the most successful Netflix series – Velvetmag
  1. squid game: Series of South Korean records completed figure Demon 1,650,450,000 hours performance, in the first 28 days, It was also the first South Korean production to be nominated (and win) for Emmy Awards, This trend will continue with the second season.
  2. stranger things season 4, Together 1,352,090,000 hours of performance. The series created by the Duffer brothers has always been considered one of the pillars of Netflix and fifth and final season It can even cross this figure.
  3. Wednesday: Bronze Medal for first signed series Tim Burtonstarring Jenna Ortega in the role of wednesday adams, In the first 28 days, the series was completed 1,237,150,000 hours,
  4. Dahmer – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer: right off the podium, with 856,270,000 hoursThe series was created by Ryan Murphy and centers on the famous real-life serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
  5. paper house season 5: found the final chapter of the spanish series 792,230,000 hours of viewing in the first 28 days.
  6. bridgerton season 2: The period drama is one of the mainstays of Netflix, which they co-created 656,260,000 hours in the first four weeks.
  7. night agent session 1: A series that, surprisingly, won the hearts of the public as a whole 625,990,000 hours of performance.
  8. bridgerton session 1: Season 1 of Shonda Rhimes’ critically acclaimed series “closes” 625,490,000 hours,
  9. paper house season 4, 619,010,000 hours of viewing in the first 28 days.
  10. stranger things season 3 Closes in the top 10 with 582,100,000 viewing hours.

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