Networks of the world. Network, bike lanes and crime networks

The world is like a big web that connects places and people even at great distances. Very thin, but at the same time strong threads that create strong bonds. And it is this constant interconnection, also made possible by the possibilities of the Internet, that is at the center of “Il libro del mondo – Festival delle geografie” 2023, an event that considers Il Giorno as media partner and will take place at the Villa Confalonieri. Four days of meetings, seminars, exhibitions and ideas with experts and professionals to analyze the theme of interconnection from different perspectives (full program on the website The Geographical Festival, organized by La Casa dei Popoli and the Municipality of Villasanta, will begin today at 18:00 at Villa Confalonieri. Official opening with presentation of the Festival and participation of the institutions (Mayor Luca Ornago, Cultural Councilor Adele Fagnani and President of La Casa dei Popoli Lorenzo Ornaghi).

The event will be broadcast live. Then a space for exhibitions with the possibility of visiting the photo installations present in the Villa Confalonieri (Postcards from the future by Bruno Zanzotter and Martha Guelm; stops at all stations, Binario Est with photographs by Marco Carlone). The evening continues at 20:45 with a talk by the philosopher Claudio Fontana, who will analyze the human desire to weave webs, and at 21:45 there will be a music and word show with TramesTrio Sormani Tamburrini Biella. In the following days there will be numerous activities including meetings with teachers, workshops, cycling and, above all, in-depth analysis. Some of them are very relevant: for example, tomorrow at 17.30, during which we will discuss the advantages and limitations of free public transport (a topic that is also discussed a lot in Brianza); or slow tourism with the presentation of an infrastructure project for a 700-kilometer loop connecting Turin with Venice. But the themes of networks and webs (also in Brianza) of the ‘Ndrangheta are also very relevant: of particular interest is the meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 9 pm, called “Statale 106”, a photograph of an organization capable of celebrating ancestral rites. in the sanctuary of the Madonna di Polsi, while carrying out reckless international financial transactions worth millions of euros and brutal acts of violence.

Regarding current events in Brianza, roads and networks, an event dedicated to Pedemontana is also planned: on Saturday at 15:00 the students of the secondary schools Vanoni from Vimercate, Gandhi from Besana, Porta and Frisi from Monza will meet. in a discussion (comparison of opinions) about the usefulness of the main highway that will cross Brianza. But travel and mobility are also zero distance from home, and this year Fiab Monza in Beachy is also organizing a bike ride along Villasanta’s bike paths. Meet at 10.30 for a bike ride at Villa Camperio with a walk of about 9 kilometers (also suitable for the unprepared).

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