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Looks almost unrecognizable with her bare face and those adorable freckles on display. And yet it’s her Pamela Andersonunstoppable sex bomb who drove millions of fans crazy in the nineties ever since she ran the beach as a lifeguard in Malibu safeguards. She, who has lived a thousand lives and a thousand painful loves, has become a different woman today, and the selfie she wanted to share on Instagram proves it. No filters, no deceit, just herself at 56 with newfound balance.

Pamela Anderson without filters, at 56 she is no longer in hiding

“It’s never too late to bloom”– wrote the cult actress Malibu safeguards accompanying a selfie that immediately captivated followers. A thought that fits perfectly with the new Pamela Anderson, far from the limelight and scandal that has accompanied her name throughout her life.

At 56, Anderson retired last July. decided to change. It is simply the result of a new self-awareness, new priorities. First of all, now there is her, with her needs and desire for tranquility, which she brings to life with a mood that is drastically different from what we are used to. Painful love is just a distant memory, today there is one woman who decided to love herself in the simplest and cleanest way.

Why Pamela Anderson stopped wearing makeup

The decision to share a no-makeup selfie was no accident. In an intimate interview with she, Posted just a few weeks ago, the actress explained that going makeup-free was a completely conscious decision. after the disappearance of Alexis Vogelher friend and historical make-up artist.

The actress died of breast cancer at the age of 61, and from that moment Anderson began to look at herself in a different light. β€œIt was a liberating, fun and a bit rebellious experience,” he said in an interview. Alexis was the best and when she died i felt i had better stop wearing makeup (…). I noticed that all these people are wearing makeup, and it’s like me going against the flow and doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.”

Goodbye eccentric and super bright makeup, enough tight and bold clothes. Today, a powder-colored sweater and its essence is enough to make the new Pamela feel truly accomplished.

Pamela Anderson: a new life for a sexy Hollywood icon

Talk of a new life may seem exaggerated, but Pamela Anderson’s changes aren’t just about makeup or how she dresses. Today he is lonely, but not unhappy at all, and has rediscovered enjoyment of a more “romantic” lifehow she defined it.

Her grandparents’ farm on Vancouver Island has become her nest, she lives there with her five dogs and is fine on her own: “I’m sure it would be great if there was someone else in my life who wanted to would have the same thing, but I never met him, he admitted -. (…) I don’t need someone to bring me roses. I just planted a hundred rose bushes. I can have them whenever I want and they are my favorite roses.”

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