New 2023 bicolor haircuts, the Marbled Hair loved by Miley Cyrus

The marble, from the Greek “shining stone”, is one of the most precious and desired materials when it comes to sculptures, furnishings and construction. Its particular coloring, in which White and black intertwine creating veins of color that seem to mimic the cracking of the stone, but which in reality reveal a truly exclusive uniqueness, continues to be a very used pattern not only in imitations, but also in the creation of new trends in the beauty field. In addition to nails, brought back into vogue for spring 2023 by Chiara Ferragni, this pattern convinces to such an extent that it also conquers a place among hair trends, such as Miley Cirus he never misses an opportunity to remind us by showing off his bicolor hair for some time now.

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Today, however, the blonde has become blonder and the black, which contrasts in the lower section of the hair, also colors the roots, exactly mimicking the fluidity that characterizes the hair. Marbled hair.

Two-tone hair: the marble effect is the idea to give in to in spring

The perfect season to dare again, the spring opens in this 2023 inviting you to join this bold trend, full of character, in which the flare of platinum blonde contrasts with the depth of the jet black creating an optical effect that knows how to capture at first glance. As Tom Smith, Creative Director of Evo and hair trend forecaster also points out, marble-effect hair conquers the summer by bringing the usual two-tone patterns to a higher level, this time combining black and white with a high gloss, typical of mirrored hair .

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In fact, this detail imitates the surface of marble, thus referring to the particularity that makes the stone unmistakable even to the untrained eye. On the hair, however, this means that, even when heavily bleached, it is perfectly healthy and cared for with products that not only maximize the natural light of the hair, but also nourish and hydrate it in depth. For this to happen, the first thing to do is to rely on an expert who knows exactly how to recreate Marbled hair and, where necessary, that he proceeds with extreme care in bleaching the hair.

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