New Actions Get Rights and the State of Your Community

Designed to safeguard the rights of the residents of La Matanza.

New Agent Acquisition Rights and Country in Your Neighborhood
New Actions Get Rights and the State of Your Community

The Social Development Secretariat of the Municipality of La Matanza will launch a new “Access Rights + country” action. Friday, August 25.

From 10 am to 2 pm, residents can go to Las Casitas Square (Bustos y Llanderas – G. Catán) to seek advice and start the ANSES process, as well as guidance and advice on the areas and programs of the Ministry of Social Development and the Undersecretary for Disabilities. Disability, More Lives Program registration, Women, Gender and Diversity Secretariat dissemination form and advice, Public Health Secretariat notebook signatures and vaccinations (calendar and coronavirus).

In addition, the Social and Solidarity Economy Secretariat provides entrepreneurs with guidance and advice on microfinance, as well as advice on shift migration and criminal records in Argentina.

On Wednesday, August 23, from 9 am to 12 noon, the Territory Action will take place at the Rinconcito de Luz Community Garden (Zufriategui 6323 between Apipé and Ancon – González Catán), where residents will be able to access various services and services Programs such as Future Retirement Advice, Pregnancy/Retroactive Prenatal Benefits, Family Allowance, Universal Child Allowance (AUH), Form Delivery, Dependency Work (Salary), Unemployment Fund, Social Work (CODEM), Funeral Reimbursement, Social Contributions Added , Nursing Task Recognition, and Progresar Registration.

In addition, there will be vaccinations (calendar, corona, flu and pneumonia), 1000 days, briefings and advice on areas and projects of the Ministry of Social Development and registration to the More Living Programme. On Wednesdays only, TGD Padres TEA holds lectures/seminars.

“Accediendo A Derechos” is an action carried out in different locations in the municipality of La Matanza, as part of the public policy of the Municipality to bring programs and services closer to safeguarding and fulfilling the rights of families, children and adolescents of the district. In you will be able to find out about all the actions that have been and will be performed.

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