New April series coming soon

‘Unlockdown’ for the boys, ‘Tammy & George’ for the country nostalgics. A series to celebrate the Earth. Wine clashes and a ‘Diplomatica’ star

Gen Z

Original production KidsMe, the Children content factory of the De Agostini Editore Group, ‘Unlocked’ continues with the aim of bringing teenagers closer to current issues, speaking of their world, with their language. Now in its third season, the series – as well as loves and friendships – this time deals with the health problems of one of its protagonists. On DeaKids, from 4/17

Ana Lucía Domínguez, Alejandro Otero, Sebastián Martínez

Throb trash

His wife pretended to be dead to escape him, Zacarías Cienfuegos (Colombian actor Sebastian Martínez) meditates a bloody revenge. In between, the plots related to politics, a round of organ transplants, and a heart transplant (in the original title is ‘Palpito’) from a healthy woman. Also the second season of ‘The Marked Heart’ announces itself to the ‘heart-pounding’. On Netflix, 4/19

Keri Russell, Ato Essandoh (Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2023)

Diplomacy at work in series

Kate Wyler (Keri Russell, as well as starring also an executive producer) is the new US ambassador to the United Kingdom, even if her destination was supposed to be Afghanistan. However, the situation is not peaceful, amidst international crises, diplomatic and personal problems. ‘The Diplomat’ is conceived by showrunner Debora Cahn, an expert in the genre who – among others – has already signed ‘West Wing – All the President’s Men’ and ‘Homeland’. On Netflix, 4/20

Tomohisa Yamashita, Fleur Geffrier

Up to the last cup

Filmed in French, Japanese and English, the series stars Fleur Geffrier (‘Elle’) e Tomohisa Yamashita (singer, as well as actor, and former member of J-pop boy band NEWS) and is set in the world of gastronomy and fine wines. ‘Nectar of the Gods’ is inspired by the Japanese manga series created by Tadashi Agi. And it compares the daughter of the creator of a famous ‘alcoholic’ guide with a young star of Tokyo’s oenology. Up for grabs, the most precious cellar in the world. On Apple TV+, from 4/21

Pristine land

April 22 is the Earth Day. To celebrate it, a series proposes to go in search of some remote corners of the planet, areas miraculously uncontaminated and therefore protected from the harmful effects of ‘civilization’. Filming of ‘Eden’ they have been made in the rainforests of Borneo, in the Namib desert, in the prairies of the Luangwa Valley, in the Galapagos, the Alaskan frontier, to reach the ends of the world, in Alaska and in Patagonia. On Sky Nature, from 21/4

Jessica Chastain, Michael Shannon

Country couple

Directed by John Hillcoat comes the story of a legendary country music couple. She is Tammy Wynette, played by Jessica Chastainhe is George Jones, in whose shoes he falls Michael Shannon. ‘George & Tammy’ is the story of the ‘First Lady of country music’ (her hit was ‘Stand by Your Man’) and the author of ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’, whose popularity peaked with his 1969 wedding. On Paramount+, starting 4/27

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