New Balance sues Golden Goose over dad’s pair of sneakers

The allure of dad sneakers—the proverbial “daddy shoes”—is unmatched, and with chunky silhouettes and neutral colors, they’ve brought back success to brands like Asics, Reebook, Golden Goose, and New Balance in recent years. And it is between these last two brands that a feud has recently arisen. According to The Fashion Law, New Balance would have filed a lawsuit against Golden Goose USA in Massachusetts District Court for a pair of dad’s sneakers that would intentionally violate “a design or model owned by New Balance Athletics at common law.” Inc.”

But let’s take a step back: what are dad sneakers? It is a range of casual shoes or sneakers featuring a chunky and durable silhouette, practical and durable, that focuses on comfort without sacrificing looks. In practice, dad sneakers are usually shoes with large soles that guarantee above-average support and cushioning. Among the stars, the most passionate are Adam Sandler, Ryan Reynolds and Robert Pattinson, but in recent years, daddy sneakers have also conquered celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. In 2020, Golden Goose released their vintage-inspired Dad Star model, which fuses the tastes of new and old generations with an emphasis on comfort and chunky silhouettes.

But for New Balance, the Venetian brand’s sneakers will represent “a conscious effort by Golden Goose USA, Inc. stimulate the perception of the association between its products and New Balance in the minds of consumers.” According to the Boston-based company, the Golden Goose model will take on many of the elements of its 1982-born “990” sneaker. New Balance, which asked the court for a jury trial, stressed in the complaint that the Golden Goose would be taking advantage of the 990 sneaker to boost sales of the Dad Star. The company, according to The Fashion Law, would ask to recognize the products listed as counterfeit, prohibit its promotion, withdraw the sold and destroy it. What will the American court decide?

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