New Beatles song with John Lennon, Kasparov and strange days of artificial intelligence ahead, between Nirvana, Taylor Swift and Tiziano Ferro

YouI come from the fantasy world of James Cameron, Bigelow’s husband at the time and the film’s screenwriter, and intersect that plot with what’s going on in the world today, starting straight from DeepFake, also wanting from a new Beatles song soon to be published over forty years after death of John Lennon a future in which it is possible to create, and therefore live moments with people inaccessible to us, whether they are Hollywood stars or our favorite singers, or, let’s be more romantic, some loved one who is no longer alive, or hypothesize that we can get our idol to interpret one of our songs, or a song that we especially love, all of which may soon be possible, and probably already now. So go and live in a virtual reality, the Metaverse?, in which you can experience moments of the past dear to us in a cycle, or experience new ones that we could not experience in the real world, except for Hikikomori, except for Second Life, yes, endless ones open here, incredible scenarios, still devoid of any regulation, like borders in the days of the Old West. Joliet Salmo’s answer in a long feud that saw the Sardinian rapper disagree with Luce, actually created by AI on behalf of Billboard Italia, a pretty credible answer on compositional as well as interpretive profile tells us what really The prairies we face are boundless, certainly fraught with danger, but nonetheless truly mesmerizing..

New Nirvana albuma holiday with our old love, now lost, our first day of school, relived again thanks to fragments of our memory, is much better than leafing through photo albums yellowed from time, Taylor Swift turns our words into musicheavy film in which we are engaged to Charlize Theron, Tiziano Ferro finally returns to writing a beautiful ballad as once, I repeat, the possibilities seem endless, a machine that speeds up and explodes reality. Obviously, all this inevitably reveals a thousand critical moments, from the dehumanization of art to the dangerous and harmful use of images, sounds, even poetics. When, years ago, we all resorted to this app, which, working on Instagram, rejuvenated us to the point of bringing our images back to when we were children, or aging us as if we were all projected forward in time, many tried to say how, with the help of this, we all gave our images to some Russian company, with a signed consent, a saying, to which we answered succinctly and superficially: “What can they do with our images?”. Here, now we know that we may have provided a private company with billions of individuals with whom it can do what they want. When Striscia la Notizia aired Matteo Renzi’s DeepFake video poking fun at Mattarella, I always talked about it here a few days ago, they somehow pointed to the abyss we could fall into. To the point that when we all saw images of the Dalai Lama with a child sucking his tongue, the idea that this was a move by the Chinese government to discredit Tibet, spread by some sites, did not seem so unbelievable. Everything can end indefinitely. From our memories, the ones you can get lost in, to the films that could somehow affect our daily lives, passing through art, yes, art, which, since the beginning of the world, has carried the burden of helping us decipher life.

A game we’re going to play with machines that we might even winteaches Kasparov, or which in any case will give unexpected results, as, for example, for the unreleased Beatles, possible, despite the death of John and George and the considerable brawls that have taken place over the years between Paul and Yoko Ono, but which will certainly take center stage in the coming years, whether we like it or not.

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