New firefighting mini-barrel for firefighters Vignola Falesina.

VIGNOLA FALESINA. It’s been a while and here it is: new fire mini barrel vaa complete the gifts Firefighters Vignola Falezina. At the inauguration, provincial politics are inevitable at this time of year. The ceremony was attended by the Vice President of the Autonomous Province of Trento Mario Tonina, provincial council president walter caswalder, adviser Vanessa Mays and various authorities and mayors, including Vignola Falesina Mirko Gadler vhe honored and local corps commander Francesca Osler.

Presentnumerous representatives of neighboring municipalities, as stressed by Mario Tonina himself: “Your presence here today is essential: it once again demonstrates the unity of the volunteer firefighters, which the various bodies have always been able to interpret to meet the needs that the community demands.”

A loan was taken to buy a car. The provincial firefighting fund is a sign of the proximity of the province and government to the territories, which also allows small municipalities to have a point of reference for community safety.. “I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to you repeated Tonina, “because when there is a need, the firefighters of Trentino are always ready to go, as happened recently in Romagna, Friuli and Slovenia. I believe this once again demonstrates the difference that our special Autonomy has, which wants to guarantee attention and sensitivity towards the people who need it most, and you know how to interpret this with seriousness, professionalism and passion, just like all volunteer firefighters of Trentino, bearers of our values.”

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