New generation: new fashion talents are here

Once upon a time there were top models, those who were called only by name: Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Linda and others. A group of models surrounded by a divine aura, virtually unattainable and highly selective aesthetic models, today we would say not very inclusive, in short, the elite of pop culture demi-gods. And today? Fashion shoot with creative direction and style Anna Dello Russotaken Luigi and Iangoone of the most popular creative duets of our time, which you can get acquainted with in the issue Vanity Fair on newsstands and in the gallery below – a plastic image of the new fashion: New Generation it’s in these photos. To understand the direction we’re going, just take a look at these images: there are faces, bodies, and ideals and characteristics that are completely different from the fashion myth of the nineties. “The new generation is more inclusive and extended: includes many types beauty, no longer linked to the rigid ideal of the 90s,” explains Anna Dello Russo, who, together with Luigi & Iango, selected the models presented in the service among the most sought-after in the world at the moment. There is a new, more inclusive idea of ​​beauty: “Very diverse colors, heights, weights, body types and features. Today there is no longer a single ideal, beauty embraces everything, everything must be depicted. One is underway democratization beauty, or rather one suspension of aesthetic judgments“continues Dello Russo.

For everyone: clothes, Dsquared2. Socks, Calcedonia. Amphibians, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Cult, Prada, Pollacki and Balenciaga.

Because fashion today is no longer just a matter of image. And the models reflect this evolution: values: “This new generation is created not only from aesthetic references, but also sends Messages important: this inclusivity, way of behavior.” The key word is fluidity: “This generation asexual, there is no longer a difference in style between men and women. Genders are being broken down in the name of inclusion. And diversity, with models of all origins,” explains Dello Russo. “Giving shape to a new generation with this service means devoting a close look to the new generations of our society, those who mix small pieceswhich give a lighter and more open interpretation of fashion, with style being more about Street fashion and others digitalbecause everything should be Instagrammable.”

Therefore, make room for asexual youth, mobile and free from the rigid canons of beauty of the past, but the emergence of new models does not mean the end vertex. “There is Gigi Hadid, there is Bella. There are new top models today and there will always be,” explains Dello Russo. “But this is not the only interesting thing: in one show you can see Gigi and behind her many lesser-known personalities. There was great pollution and the hierarchy disappeared. It’s all worth it because the judgment no longer exists.” The synthesis we live by? “A wonderful chaos

Photo of Luigi and Iango
Service by Anna Dello Russo

Savina Di Donna, Sofia Brini and Ulyana Sgura collaborated on the service. Makeup Stefan Marais @ Hortense Bernardin. Style Stephen Beaver’s hair for R+Co using R+Co Bleu. Producer on the set of 2b “Management”.

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