new image showcases how a classic comic book costume element can work in live action

The new Batman fan version features Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck costumes with iconic white eyes.

Crusader in a cloak Robert Pattison AND Ben Affleck has been edited in a new fan post Batman have the famous white eyes. 2022 marks the year that Warner Bros. relaunched The Dark Knight for the big screen as Pattinson became the new star who wore the iconic costume in the film. Matt Reeves. The sequel is currently on hiatus due to the SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes. Batman – Part 2 is on the way, currently scheduled for 2025.

Since Pattinson’s take on Bruce Wayne has been positively received, it still has an important comedic element that fans want to see. Although they’ve adapted Batman’s costumes for live action several times, the Gotham City crime fighter has yet to get the infamous white eyes as part of his ensemble.

However, this version of the costumes was pictured on Reddit, where user @u/evq054 showcased a performance of Pattinson as well as Affleck’s Batman in their modified white-eyed bat costumes. As an added twist, instead of the usual white eyes, iterations of Batman were depicted with predator-inspired night vision lenses that reflect the “animal science” that makes creatures look like this in real life.

Why White Eyes Still Haven’t Worked in Living Batman

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Animated series. DC comics

In all live broadcasts, as well as in various television programs the respective creative teams did not yet have a white-eyed version of the hero for practical reasons. First, having a real bat hood with closed eyes would probably make it difficult for the actor playing it to move easily. The other alternative is to make it entirely CGI, though that’s probably not good anyway, especially in an age where visuals are heavily criticized.

The absence of this feature could also be a creative quirk of the studio or even the producer, who might be justifiably worried that the white eyes would look too harsh compared to the comic. The closest project was The Dark Knightwhich served more as a nod to the comics than really fit the character Christian Bale. Batwoman did something similar with both Keith Kane what’s up with Ryan Wilder in which their hoods could activate night vision that covered their eyes with white, but only temporarily.

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