New Priscilla | Everything you need to know about Jacob Elordi, the protagonist of Vanity Fair Italy

first pictures of priscillaSofia Coppola’s new film, started airing a few months ago, during filming we had the opportunity to see Jacob Elordi Fits Elvis’ Shoes Perfectly, New film from the director – in collaboration with Joe Elordi, starring cali spaney , will revolve around the figure of Priscilla Presley, ex-wife of the King of Rock, and the love story that kept them together until their divorce. The teaser released a few hours ago outlines how The view of history is completely feminine, leaving Elvis, although a prominent figure, somewhat in the background. So the actor would find himself supporting his colleague Spenny, but above all dealing with the interpretation that Austin Butler was Elvis By Baz Lurhrmann, earned an Oscar nomination.

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This is what it looks like in the first leaked photos hero of Excitement There is nothing to be afraid of, at least in terms of physical resemblance. But if almost everything is known about the story of Elvis, what about Priscilla? For Coppola, the former Mrs. Presley represents A sort of Marie Antoinette of the 60s: Like the other protagonists of one of his historical films, Priscilla also met her soul mate when she was a teenager of 14 years, and married very young, and began to spend her days. gracelandThe residence of the singer, but also a kind of gilded prison for her. The film is loosely inspired by the title Priscilla Presley’s autobiography. elvis and me,

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Jacob Elordi, after the great success of Excitement, prepares for one of the most important roles of his career, In fact, the film will likely be presented in national preview at the Venice Film Festival. For him this is the first film in this kind of international film festival. So, sometime between late August and early September, we can see the actor in Italy. Let’s be ready.

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