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Pamela Anderson, Michael J. Fox, Mary Tyler Moore, Brooke Shields and Donna Summer. Television and platforms are hungry for brand new material, and telling stars about the recent but not too recent past is a new trend on the documentary front.

Hbo offers Being Mary Tyler Moore and With Love to Love You Donna Summer, Apple TV lists Still: A Michael J. Fox fovie, Netflix tells Pamela Anderson also through her diary collection, which started during adolescence continued to persist throughout adulthood. Hulu in the United States and Disney+ in Europe offer a biography of Brooke Shield from the beginning to the present day: directed by Lana Wilson”Beauty BabyBrook Shieldpoints a finger at the cross and the charms of the Blue Lagoon actress. Her angelic face. “How many times have I been told that I have a cute face? Too many, too many,” says Shields, now 58, “and this thing, hearing me repeat, killed you. I wasn’t human anymore, I was just a pretty face.” Brooke made her fashion and film debut as a teenager, and there has been no shortage of controversy due to her hyper-sexual image. “I’m amazed I survived,” she admits in the documentary, which uses a huge photo and video archive kept by her mother, Teri Shields, who was also her manager. The Blue Lagoon was the film that launched her into Hollywood, at the same time The Times dedicated a cover to her, calling her “The Face of the 80s.” The story highlights the exploitation of very young girls in the post-feminist era of the 1980s. “Women don’t give themselves away anymore? And we have little girls. That was the dominant thought at the time,” sums up director Lana Wilson.

Not much different storyPamela love storydirected by Ryan White for Netflix. This is also a story of the exploitation of the image and sexuality of a woman pursued by fame and beauty. The documentary is a response to “Pam & Tommy,” a Hulu/Disney+ series released last year that recalled the famous story of a sex symbol filmed by sex symbol Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee at home and then eaten by the public. “I want to tell my version,” says the star. “We witnessed the depersonalization of Pamela,” recalls the director, “who after this episode lost all rights to the private sphere.” Anderson, however, does not want to pose as a victim: “I’m not a girl waiting for a savior, I got into crazy situations and survived.”

Mother’s daughter’s story instead of “Love to love you Donna Summer”, which was co-directed by Brooklyn Sudano, the daughter of singer (and composer Bruce Sodano, second husband of the disco director), and Roger Ross Williams. “I went up to my father and told him: I want to make a documentary about my mother,” says Brooklyn: “It was important for me to talk about my mother, and not about her public figure. My mother always said that when she sang, she was an actress, she was playing a role. Here I would like a person to appear, not a singer or an actress, who played these successes.”

A powerful, dramatic yet uplifting story by Michael J. Fox.Still Life: A Film by Michael J. FoxDavis Guggenheim, in which the Back to the Future actor talks about his struggle with Parkinson’s disease over 30 years ago. “I woke up and saw that my little finger was moving against my will. Shortly thereafter, Parkinson’s was diagnosed. Today, Fox lives in Manhattan with his wife, Tracey Pollan, and works with his physical therapist every day to keep his disease-ravaged body as active as possible, while raising money (nearly two billion dollars to date) for research against the disease. thanks to the foundation that bears his name.

Directed and produced by James Adolphus, this documentary about Mary Tyler Moore focuses on five characters that are perhaps the least known to the Italian public. However, Moore has 15 Emmy nominations and one Oscar nomination for 1980’s Ordinary People. the film celebrates the creative process of artists against the overwhelming power of the studios and the struggle of women in Hollywood over the past 50 years,” reflects producer and director James Adolphus, “many of the steps forward taken at the time, unfortunately, turned out to be only temporary, but Mary Tyler Moore symbol of that struggle.

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