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is called Samuel And tomorrow, Wednesday 26 July, it will blow out its first candle.

child of fonte nuova was born with a rare deformity of the right legSix centimeters short, which would force him to go in and out of operating rooms until he was 12.

first intervention will happen in poland at the expense of Dr. Pele’s European Institute 150 thousand euro When Samuel is two years old, then 4 years old, then 8 years old and finally 12 years old, he will have his last operation. An expensive route that mother, Jada Francioni, and father, Daniele Di Sabatino, could never sustain alone.

this is what they were born for “United for Samuel”A solidarity project , click and read the project– Under the slogan: The verb “help” is the most beautiful in the world after the verb “love”.,

Project shared on Facebook page “Samuel and His Journey” ,

Saturday 5 Augustat 18.30 Municipal stadium “Domenico Mammoliti” via Vincenzo Gioberti in Fonte Nuova. The first public event will be held to raise money for child support.

Massimo Nardi from Colverde di Guidonia, President of the All Star Socia National Team

this is a football matchorganized by massimo nardiofficial George Michael impersonator and president of national all star impersonator and from Vanessa Biolghiniin collaboration with Riccardo Sanesi, Flavio D’Urso, stefan fabaro , evan de santisAnd Satan ,

is at the entrance free offer And the proceeds will be donated entirely to Samuel’s family.

Actor Enio Drovandi will referee the charity match in Fonte Nuova

For this occasion, Lazio and Roma fansagainst a representative of national all star impersonator From Mirko Paris national football team boxerand refereed by VIPs in a charity match Enio DrovandiActor and director as well as federal arbitrator.

Actor Maurizio Mattioli to officiate soccer match

well-known actors will debut Maurice MattioliOne of the many VIPs who support the “United for Samuel” project, as Eva Henger, Antonio Giuliani , enzo salvi aka “er onion”, martufelusAnd alessandro campaiola Actor and voice dubber of the famous series “Flash” and nephew of Luca Verd.

The program will be moderated and presented by the actor and speaker Daniel Brugiaand from Patrick PaciuoloActor and speaker of Radio Roma.

Milo Coretti, winner of Big Brother 2007

vip likes milo coretti big brother 2007 winner, fabio riceFormer Juve Stabia player, Roman AlexanderFormer Lazio player, EI the hijackers Comedian of the Seven Show.

With the All Star Socia shirt he will play for Samuel Joseph DiSabettino (Rino Gattuso impersonator), fulvio carbone (Ciro Immobile), massimo mori (Paolo DiCanio), Alex Turi (Luke Toney) luca leoz (Francesco Toti), Christian Catarelli (Pierfrancesco Favino), Gabriele Antognozzi (Alvaro Vitali) robert de angeli (Antonio di Natale), fabio salusti (Johnny Depp) Andrea Malone (Jack Black), flaviano di gregorio (rock), fabius pharaoh (Superman), alessandro avolio (Richard Gere) Alexander Morderna (Claudio Baglioni) alessio deangelis (Main Plaza), rafael garici (Maradona) e daniel quartelaka “Danielle si Nasse”, Renato Zero’s double and two-time winner of “Tale e Qual Show”.

He is also a part of the national team Luca Galleryformer Ternana goalkeeper, William Pucciarmatiformer Lazio youth manager, Louis Moretti “Do you know the latest?” Joker of paolo pasquali‘Doctor Vintage’ from Paolo Sorrentino’s film “The Great Beauty”.

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