News, events, curiosities and saints of 22 July that happened today. here is the almanac

July 22 is a date that has stood out over time because of its historical events, the personalities born or died on this day, and the curiosities that have made it special. Every year, this date reminds us of the past and invites us to reflect on the opportunities that life offers us, inspires us to seize them and make the most of every moment. Let’s see together what happened.

july 22 saints

St. Mary Magdalene and St. Apollonia July 22 is an important date in the Catholic religious calendar, as it celebrates the memory of two saints: Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Apollonia. Saint Mary Magdalene is considered an example of conversion and devotion, she was one of the first followers of Jesus. On the other hand, Saint Apollonia is revered as the patroness of dentists and dental technicians.

historical events

July 22 has been witness to many important historical events over the centuries. For example, on July 22, 1298, at the famous Battle of Falkirk, the Scottish army led by William Wallace was defeated by the English army of King Edward I. In 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated at the Battle of Saloé, a notable event during the Napoleonic Wars. In addition, in 1933 Willy Post became the first pilot to fly solo around the world.

curious news

July 22 is a date that has also witnessed bizarre and unusual occurrences over the years. On this day in 1793, French ornithologist Jean-Pierre Blanchard made the first balloon flight in the United States. In 2003, a characteristic storm on Saturn, known as the “Great White Spot”, was discovered by the Hubble Space Observatory. July 22 is also Pi Estimation Day, because the fraction 22/7 is an approximation of the value of π (pi).

celebrities born on july 22

This date was the birthday of many famous personalities from different fields. These include American actress and singer Selena Gomez, known for her role in Disney Channel and her music career. Italian designer Giorgio Armani, a symbol of world fashion, was also born on 22 July. Also, British actor Daniel Radcliffe, who is famous for playing Harry Potter in the films of the saga, celebrates his birthday on this date.

celebrities who died on july 22

July 22 also saw the disappearance of notable characters throughout history. An example of this was the death in 1564 of the great Italian painter and sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti. Famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, known for her surrealist paintings and expressionism, passed away on July 22, 1954. Also, British singer Amy Winehouse, who left an indelible mark on world music, passed away on this day in 2011.

proverb of the day

A thought to ponder on this special day:”Life is an opportunity, accept it.”- Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

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