news from the set with long wavy hair like a mermaid

Bella Hadid is back. The news, provided by the model herself on her social media, became official and was tagged a few days ago with a TikTok video filmed backstage of her first fashion set. Five months after her last job and the confirmation of rumors that her relationship with Mark Kalman ended, Bella shows herself smiling like never before, grateful that she finally feels good and can pose for the camera again. With voluminous lips accentuated by lip liner and a radiant look adorned with golden eyeshadow that accentuates her crystal clear eyes, the 26-year-old reveals a detail that dominates everything, the true protagonist of the look: waves driven by a siren, sinuous and dark like the sea at night.

Dave and Central Cee’s “Sprinter” is in the background, which Gigi’s sister sings silently, showing off her mermaid haircut with an overtly gothic twist from multiple angles.

Long, wavy and melting hair Bella Hadid

After leaving the stage due to Lyme disease, which the young supermodel has been suffering from since 2012 and which has turned her state of health into a state of sadness and illness, which she herself defined as alienation, Bella seems to be officially back in action. Acclaimed by fans from all over the world, the surprise of seeing her again on social media is accompanied by the charm of her beauty, which, remaining in the foreground, captivates second after second.

Definitely the result of some sort of artifact as we know they are brown and with highlights, dark chocolate colored hair and almost thigh length combine some of the biggest trends of 2023, Mermaidcore and Succubus Chic. A deep nuance, similar to what has become her signature look over time, lends the softness and sinuosity of mermaid hair a decidedly gothic and captivating allure, thus creating the perfect contrast between styles and aesthetics. In short, a great comeback that we’re sure will be followed by many new features.

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