NFL Football Quarterback Rating: Mahomes 1st, followed by Burrow and Rodgers.

MPV The Chiefs leads the ranking of the best qb. Allen and Herbert complete the top five. Last? Josh Dobbs

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Mirror-mirror of my desires, who is the best defender in the world? With their egos, it’s not hard to imagine them contemplating each other with the oval in hand, asking themselves (personifying it) the question that became famous in Snow White. Quarterbacks are the face of 32 NFL teams: key offensive players, the most famous and the most paid by franchises and sponsors. We line them up. Premise: The absolute value matters, but so does the available attack. Because the projection on the championship at the start and offensive weapons helps / punishes in addition to personal advantages / disadvantages: rendering qb based on the offensive line, running defenders and receivers.

1) Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City) – Winning the MVP at the 2023 Super Bowl. Current MVP of the season. Increasingly mature in reading, in addition to great talent. In the tight end, Kelsey has a safe target, the Gronk model for Brady.

2) Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals) “The only question is whether he will stay healthy enough to dominate. The offensive line has improved, but is not yet optimal. In Chase, he has a space wide receiver, Joe Cool’s composure.

3) Aaron Rodgers (New York Jets) – Recall that he was the MVP for two seasons in a row until the last one under review. At the Jets, he finds new incentives, coaches, acceptors and trust. Too many underestimated Brady at the start in Tampa. Don’t back down from it.

4) Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills) – A bit of a bully, he lacks dedication in the playoffs, where he was not always very reasonable. But he’s a terrific athlete and has a terrific big arm that makes him a constant threat in the depths. And he is not afraid of anything.

5) Justin Herbert (Los Angeles Chargers) “The new offensive coordinator, Coach Moore, should help him overcome the head coach’s failing deficiencies in game management. A “classic” talent for style, ready for initiation.

6) Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville Jaguars) “In his sophomore year, especially along the way, he finally showed the moments that made him call with the first overall pick in the 2021 draft. The Jags are fresh, young and growing. Cool how he is.

7) Jalen Herts (Philadelphia Eagles) Sirianni’s trainer system is specially designed to suit his characteristics. A modest passer, but runs like a running back. The leader, he has a great line to defend him, and he has super receivers in Brown and Smith.

8) Tua Tagovailoa (Miami Dolphins) – This is a “healthy” assessment. Repeated concussions make even his presence on the field surprising, not to mention the near future. But he is a pitcher and his targets are Hill and Waddle.

9) Matt Stafford (Los Angeles Rams) – Tribute to blue blood after one season is gone. But in 2022, he still won the Super Bowl as the best player. And he has a brilliant attacking mind in Coach McVeigh, who will protect him in his pocket and provoke Kupp.

10) Russell Wilson (Denver Broncos) Will it be a revival? Pass (crisis) or close, in Colorado, patience is already over. But with Payton as the new coach and wide receivers like Sutton/Judy, he can’t screw up again. Otherwise, this will be the final stop.

eleven) Kirk Cousins ​​(Minnesota Vikings) – Context Miracle: When Jefferson is your first target, the roll becomes less difficult. Accurate. The homework numbers never betray him on an individual level, always for playoff results.

12) Duck Prescott (Dallas Cowboys) – Too many interceptions last season. And the usual playoff misfire. Solid, but not elite. I wish I could, but I can’t, despite the ambitious supporting cast. The problem is, he ends up…

13) Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens) “He never learned to throw. And for an outstanding athletic running back who is playing very well, an injury-filled season this past season is not a good sign, looking to the future. Worn out.

14) Jared Goff (Detroit Lions) “Slow as a snail, but if you give him time to cast, he excels in accuracy and reads. And Lions have a hopeful line. And freshman Gibbs is strong, and St. Brown takes almost everything.

15) Gino Smith (Seattle Seahawks) – I came to life. Returning from a magical season that saw him start again. He did not convince us: reading flaws appeared in the playoffs, on time. But he has Metcalfe/Lockett as receivers: a duo that isn’t afraid of competition.

16) Brock Purdy (San Francisco 49ers) “When he came back from injury, he still convinced the 49ers to get rid of Lance, his most publicized opponent. He doesn’t have to perform miracles when McCaffrey, Kittle, and Samuel are around, and he doesn’t tremble under pressure.

17) Daniel Jones (New York Giants) “He took his team to the playoffs, won a wildcard, brushed aside the doubts of critics. This will be the future of the franchise. But it’s more Eli than Peyton Manning: that might be the icing on the cake, he doesn’t do everything.

18) Justin Fields (Chicago Bears) – Amazing athlete, running back, playing qb. But it always goes back there: when it calculates and has to quit, we are still praying.

19) DeSean Watson (Cleveland Browns) – You need to understand what kind of Watson we will see: either that spectacular pre-disqualifier, or an ugly understudy who reappeared on the field. To regain his confidence, he must first regain his athletic omnipotence.

20) Jimmy Garoppolo (Las Vegas Raiders) – With coach McDaniels, he already worked in the Patriots. Solid but limited, with a good lead: Jacobs, Adams and Renfroe.

21) Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee Titans) – It seems that he and his team are going downhill, perhaps at a peak. That the right train has passed. Levis looks like the future.

22) Derek Carr (New Orleans Saints) “Terrible division, NFC South. He can win, but if he hadn’t made the playoffs with Adams in the Raiders… He has quality, but he’s too soft.

23) Mac Jones (New England Patriots) “Back from a bad sophomore year, he can fix it, but he’ll never be Tom Brady. And Drew Bledsoe too.

24) Kenny Pickett (Pittsburgh Steelers) – In his freshman year, he achieved more than his statistics would suggest, which are mostly indicative of obvious growth problems.

25) Bryce Young (Carolina Panthers) – The number 1 pick of the 2023 draft. I’ll start right away: it looks like he’s ready.

26) Jordan Love (Green Bay Packers) Rogers is gone, it’s his turn. Not good…

27) Baker Mayfield (Tampa Bay Books) “Brady retired, that’s his business. This is not good…

28) Sam Howell (Washington Commanders) I prefer Brissette. As the lesser evil.

29) CJ Stroud (Houston Texans) – Preferred by Mills in the starting lineup. Will it (already) be ready?

thirty) Anthony Richardson (Indianapolis Colts) – A sensational athlete, but he needs to learn how to play.

31) Desmond Ridder (Atlanta Falcons) – How long does it take? Heinicke will soon take his place.

32) Josh Dobbs (Arizona Cardinals) – Murray is injured, he was preferred to McCoy. I don’t know.

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