NFL Preview: Start of the Season. San Francisco-Cincinnati Super Bowl

This is the year of the Nines, who just made their star Nick Boza the highest paid defenseman in league history. And the Bengals seem ripe to topple Mahomes and the Chiefs.

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The season, which begins tonight with Thursday’s classic game between the defending champions, the Chiefs and the Detroit Lions, is not easy to read. There is no team that leaves no doubt, that is clearly superior to the rest and that you can bet on with your eyes closed. There are the usual suspects: Kansas City, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Philadelphia, San Francisco. But would you be surprised if the Miami, New York Jets, Detroit, or even the Chargers were in Las Vegas next February? Probably yes – and you will be right – but these are not completely unrealistic hypotheses.


Let’s keep our feet on the ground. In AFC, the Chiefs are in the very first row. But only because they have the magician Mahomes and a trainer like Andy Reed. Because the resistance of Chris Jones (we will soon find out that he will give up and take the field, but he said he was ready to stay in place for another two months) is a big headache. And because Travis Kelsey has already been injured (fortunately, there was no cruciate ligament rupture), and the receiving body is not at the highest level. In short, favorites yes, but not too much. Bengals love them. Joe Burrow is fully recovered from the calf problem that cost him a long break from training camp, they have talent in offense and defense. The offensive line remains in question, but this could be their year. Lots of people like Buffalo. Perhaps too much, because if you take away Josh Allen, who has yet to demonstrate that he can win playoffs when the ball is hot in his hands, and Stephon Diggs, talent is not to be found with full hands. Von Miller is already knocked out, he is 34 years old. If everything goes well and they stay healthy, they will stay in the first tier, but there are doubts.

49ers title

In the NFC, we settle on two names: the Niners and the Eagles. San Francisco has what it takes to win the Super Bowl. Nick Bosa settled the issue with a record-breaking 5-year, $170 million contract, making him the highest paid defenseman in NFL history. True, there are doubts about Brock Purdy, the quarterback named last in the 2022 draft and confirmed in the starting lineup after parting with Garoppolo and Lance. But he will have to limit himself to doing homework and not losing games more often than winning. And then watch out for Sam Darnold behind him, he might not fire sooner or later. Philadelphia must dispel the post-Super Bowl hangover taboo that always affects a team at the last hurdle. Only the Cowboys in 1970 and the Patriots in 2017 have won championships in a season after losing the Super Bowl. And only 5 returned, but lost. Less granite defense than last year, but still top notch and explosive offense with serious MVP contender Jalen Hurt.

question marks

Detroit is a trendy choice to get to the bottom of. Maybe too much. Prescott is in charge in Dallas, and that can’t leave Cowboy fans alone. There is also a lot of “noise” around the Jets. We are talking about the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers, but the line of attack is bewildering. But I’m a chatty person. The same will happen to Miami if Tua Tagovailoa stays away from the infirmary.

it is interesting to us…

Watch Jordan Love play for the Packers. He studied with Professor Rogers, who – no matter how bad he was – always treated him well and taught him a lot, although he knew that one day he would take his place.

Let’s see if Jeno Smith repeats the great 2022 season and takes Seattle to the playoffs.

Let’s see if Jacksonville continues its growth under Trevor Lawrence. There is a potential for success. Doug Pederson is perplexing. To achieve more than Urban Meyer was too easy …

Let’s see if Bill Belichick convinces himself that the adage “Offense sells tickets, defense wins titles” is outdated. It is the attacks – Mahomes docet – that win the Super Bowl. It’s easier than snowing in Foxborough in August. also taking into account climate change.

Understand if Russell Wilson is really boiled up. Lots of hints. Now with Sean Payton as his head coach, he will have one last chance to prove everyone wrong.

Understanding if the Vikings’ great year was a coincidence (they won 11 games out of 12 with only a difference in possession). One thing’s for sure, anyone who’s seen The Protector on Netflix can’t help but root for Kirk Cousins.

See if DeSean Watson can be a fullback again and that matters.

See if Baker Mayfield can make it to the end of the season without losing to Tampa.

Let’s see if the Steelers can repeat the sensational 2022 season finale and give the Bengals a hard time in what is arguably the strongest division in the league, at least at AFC East level.


AFC, division winners: Bills, Bengals, Jaguars, Chiefs.

Wild cards: Dolphins, Steelers, Chargers.

afk championship: Chiefs-Bengals.

NFC, division winners: Eagles, Lions, Saints, 49ers.

Wildcards: Cowboys, Falcons, Seahawks.

NFC championship: 49ers-Eagles

Super Bowl: Bengals-49ers.

Sample: San Francisco 49ers.

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