Nick Chubb exits Monday Night Football with knee injury

Injuries are an inherent risk throughout the sport and running backs. Nick Chubb one of the worst hits During the second quarter of the showdown between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Browns running backs intercepted by Minkah Fitzpatrick and Cole Holcomb, but His left knee made unnatural movements. The player screamed after the blow and fans at the Akrisul Stadium remained silent.

Chubb had a big night as he has gained 64 yards on 10 carries. Judging from the data in the first week, the veteran running back rushed for 170 yards on 28 times and gained 21 yards on four catches.

Backups Jerome Ford and Pierre Strong Jr. should take Chubb’s spot And the four-time Pro Bowl invitee is out due to injury. Additionally, Cleveland has rookie Hassan Hall on its practice squad.

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Chubb suffers second serious left knee injury

This is the second serious knee injury Chubb has suffered in his career. The first encounter came in 2015 when he was a college player with the Georgia Bulldogs against the Tennessee Volunteers. On that occasion, his left joint was dislocated and the cartilage, medial collateral ligament, posterior cruciate ligament and lateral collateral ligament were damaged.

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