Nicole Magoli in concert in Savona –

Nicole Magoli will pay homage to the history of great pop music from the 70s to the present day in Savona on Sunday 6 at 9:30 pm with a concert called “Look of Love” organized by the Municipality of Savona.

The title of the free entry concert is taken from the latest album released by the Cape Town artist, Savonese by Adoption, on CD and Vinyl published by Alman Music and some of the songs it contains will be performed tonight.

Do not miss the performance of the new single “Montecarlo”, co-written by Nicole and Papic and in high rotation on Radio Monte Carlo and on the main radio stations, a song that gives the artist a lot of pleasure thanks to thousands of daily plays and Fifth place in the New Music Daily list from Apple.

Nicole will be accompanied by a group of experienced musicians: Gabriele Gentile on piano and keyboards, Michele Aloisi on bass and Folco Fedele on drums.

The concert offers an exciting musical journey between pop, soul and jazz through the history of great music and the most famous artists who made history with their talent: from Aretha Franklin to Etta James, from Nina Simone to Billie Holiday. to Shade, Beyoncé, Madonna and Gloria Gaynor.

You can’t miss the tense final moment dedicated to Whitney Houston.

A tribute to the great women of music, but not only. In fact, this is not just a concert, but a real one-of-a-kind musical journey, from pop music to soul, from jazz sounds to the wildest dances through rearrangements that transform many of the world’s great classics yesterday and today. in completely new and original versions.

The concert also represents Nicole’s life journey, a testament to the “European Capital of Culture of Matera” and the “city of women of Varazze”, and offers moments of reflection with a woman who was able to establish herself and integrate into a complex world where adversity was lacking. In two hours of rigorous live performance, with no pre-recorded sequences, the music becomes a sort of extraordinary time machine capable of making us relive the soundtrack of our lives.

The guest of the evening will be the singer Michele Mesano, who will perform one of his hits that made him famous in the 60s thanks to his collaboration with De André, Morricone, Bakalov and the Reverberi brothers. Michele recently celebrated 60 years of career and invited Nicole Magoli and Gabriele Gentile to join the celebration.

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