Nine Keys to Feeling Full and Losing Weight Without Starving

Nine Tips to Feel Full and Lose Weight Without Going Hungry

Today we bring you nine tips from nutritionist Joel Torres Eliminate hunger and satisfy yourself while sitting at the table. When you set the goal of starting to lose weight, remember that there are two very important things you must keep in mind: The most important thing is to improve your diet and try to make it healthier. Not everything can be achieved by stopping eating , It’s also important to play sports and carry out daily activities.

Torres himself pointed to the advice he posted on his Instagram account, where he has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers “These tips and evidence can help you manage your hunger”sentence.

Add a fruit or vegetable to each meal

Remember, one of the most important recommendations from nutritionists is that you should always try to include at least five fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. You’ll be able to eat healthier and consume fewer calories. Remember, fruit is a “superfood.”

Add protein to every meal

In addition to keeping you full, it’s important that meals give you the energy you need, whether you’re working out, facing the workday, or any other type of day.

eat healthy fats

No, not all fats are negative or harmful to the diet. Go to a professional to design a diet that works for you.

Drink water

We’ve told you many times: drinking water helps you feel full and improves intestinal transit. At least two liters per day.

drink some soda

But water is not the only recommended drink. In another article, we will introduce you to several zero-calorie drinks that you can drink in your daily life. Remember, once you start a diet, what you eat is just as important as what you drink. For example, alcohol can make you gain more weight than you think. Here you can check it out.

Give yourself an infusion

Infusions can satisfy you, calm you, and provide you with hundreds of other health benefits. Go to your trusted herbalist and find out.

Sleep seven or eight hours

Sleep is crucial when losing weight. If you want to face the new day with energy, resting for seven or eight hours a day is essential.

Control stress

Stress can cause you to gain weight or eat uncontrollably or compulsively, even when you’re not hungry.

Fully loaded train

Not all exercise is aerobic. Remember, it’s also important to strength train (especially after a certain age when muscle mass is lost).

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