Nosferatu is a new horror film by Robert Eggers.

Nosferatu is a new project by Robert Eggers inspired by the silent film classics of the 1920s. “Nosferatu Vampire”, directed by F. W. Murnau, is one of the most influential films in the horror genre. In the latter we find the maximum expressionist expression, a disturbing plot and esoteric elements. Similar to novel “Dracula” Bram Stoker, failed to distribute, and all but one of his copies were destroyed.

American director Robert Eggers so he decided to revive this masterpiece by making a remake of the film. Considering his filmography, the director has always underestimated German Expressionism, aiming for an esoteric and highly psychological atmosphere. In fact, the project has been under development for many years, but due to some problems it has not yet been implemented.

One of the biggest problems with this project is definitely related to the chosen cast. For example, output Harry Styles out of the project in 2022, caused a very long production shutdown. The remaining problems are related to the refinement of the work. Wanting to make the project as true to his thinking as possible, finding a location was also a challenge. The most difficult hurdle to overcome is undoubtedly finding the funds needed to build the piece.

In fact, the director managed to find funds for this much easier. Northerner, clearly a more conventional and commercial film. As far as we know, the film will be closely related to the plot of the original film. Also there synopsis will be organically combined with the classics of 1922:

Eggers Nosferatu is a gothic tale of obsession between a persecuted young woman in 19th century Germany and an ancient Transylvanian vampire who haunts her, bringing with him unspeakable terror.

In the confirmed composition we will find: Willem Dafoe like a manipulative servant knock, Bill Skarsgard in the role Count Orlok AND Lily Rose Depp in the role Ellen Hutter.

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