Not Just Barbie Mania: Kylie Jenner Becomes Bratz

OURIn these last few weeks, the whole world has been talking about Barbie. Even before the release of the long-awaited film directed by Greta Gerwig with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, it was already Barbie mania between spectacular advertising campaigns and the ubiquitous color pink. Online and beyond. But other dolls did not stand and look. And here it is bomb from bratz. The famous line of dolls decided join forces with Kylie Jenner for a collaboration that is entirely focused on style.

Kylie Jenner, Sexy Bikini Queen: 3 Models to Copy

Kylie Jenner, Sexy Bikini Queen: 3 Models to Copy

A line of dolls inspired by Kylie Jenner.

While Barbie continues to dominate social discussions around the world, including outfit comments, cast reviews, and reflections on the female empowerment messages the film wanted to convey to the public, Bratz posted a video on their Instagram page in which they officially unveiled the new line.. It’s about minifigures representing model, influencer and beauty entrepreneur Kylie Jenner..

“We have teamed up with icon Kylie Jenner to super stylish collaboration starting with our Kylie Jenner Bratz Minis Collectible Figures now officially available. AND the first Bratz series inspired by the hottest celebrities of the time.

Kylie Jenner, May 28, 2023, Paris. Credit: MEGA/GC Images

The model is among the most influential in the world: will the Barbie mania disappear?

Therefore, it is about capsule collectionin which they are located mini doll (they are smaller than regular Bratz) with the likeness of the model, but also a mini accessory that Kylie loves (from convertible to smartphone). Bratz creatives, among other things, took inspiration from some of the famous character’s iconic looks and re-proposed them in their collection, which wants to challenge Barbie’s dominance.

It is said that this marketing operation is not a bad blow to the discussion of the first live-action film adaptation of Mattel’s famous line of fashion dolls. Really, Kylie Jenner is one of those names that can set trends with just one Instagram post.. model indeed among the most followed personalities on Instagram ever. With his 398 million subscribers on the platform is a real icon. Only Cristiano Ronaldo (598 million), Lionel Messi (481 million) and Selena Gomez (426 million) have more fans than her.

In a press release, Kylie Jenner said:I’ve been a Bratz fan since childhood. And I’ve always wanted my own Bratz doll“. Now he even has six, which, as already mentioned, represent some of her outfitsfrom a purple Versace dress to Gala Concert 2019 down to black, which he used to pay homage to Thierry Mugler. She added, “I loved every step of the process of making these dolls along with the MGA Entertainment team. I’m so excited that they are finally available.”

“I’m sorry I got breasts”

A few days ago they sparked a discussion words of a beauty entrepreneur in the latest issue Kardashian. On this occasion Kylie Jenner admits she had breast augmentation before pregnancy. And she confessed that she regretted it bitterly. “I had beautiful natural breasts. Just fantastic. Perfect size, everything is perfect. When I was pregnant with Stormi (her first child with Travis Scott, ed.) I was still recovering from the operation.

And he confessed. “If I went back I wouldn’t do it again. I would advise everyone to wait until delivery before surgery. It would break my heart if my daughter wanted to have breast implants at the same age as me.. I would like to be her best example and mother.”

Timothée Chalamet dumped Kylie Jenner?

With Travis Scott the beauty influencer had another son, Air Webster, born February 2, 2022.. And, after parting with the artist, it seems that he the story with Timothée Chalamet, also witnessed by some paparazzi TMZ extension. However, during these hours they are talking about their departure. Source for tabloid Lifestyle he said that the actor would have left the entrepreneur. “He says it’s all over between them,” we read.

The reason for their breakup? Apparently, she had too many obligations, which made constant and in-depth visitation impossible. On Lifestyle Finally, it was reported thatTimothy was the first guy she spent time with after breaking up with Travis Scott. She even introduced him to her family.“.


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