Not Michael Jordan, but another standout in his family gets ‘A-list’ love from Magic Johnson and Jennifer Hudson

Michael Jordan is great. But his mother, Delores Jordan, was more important. At least that’s the case for Magic Johnson and Jennifer Hudson.Los Angeles Lakers icon lights up the jennifer hudson show Telling his many stories about the yacht and his poker buddies. Hudson also admitted that she was inspired by the Jordan family matriarch, and Magic definitely agrees.

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When the EGOT legend said: ““My dream is to meet his (Michael Jordan) mother,” The magician responded immediately: ““Oh, first class” To describe the person Delores Jordan. Deloris, much like Johnson, was also a thriving philanthropist. Not surprisingly, he was in the same room with her and saw her stunning nature up close.

She was just a strong, quiet presence, you know? “She had that grace and strength, but was also sweet and lovable and just a wonderful person,” Magic had nothing but praise for the mother of his fellow Dream Team member. He went on to mention her many philanthropic endeavors and credited her with Michael Jordan’s philanthropy.


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“SHe is also a blessing to others. The groundwork and everything that Michael was able to do, she created it, built it, ran it and did an amazing job,” He further added. He was referring to the James R. Jordan Foundation, named for Jordan’s father and founded by her. Deloris serves as president of the foundation. Magic has always been fond of the Jordan family.

when his magnanimity After entering the league, Magic is the ruler. As fate would have it, Jordan’s historic run to six championships began when his Chicago Bulls defeated the Magic’s Lakers in 1991, just before the five-time champion was diagnosed with HIV. The two have remained in close contact since their retirement. Jordan even attended Magic’s annual summer family vacation last year. But Magic’s respect for Dolores wasn’t for her son, but for what she did for the community.

Michael Jordan’s mother made a quiet impact


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before viola davis played her Air, Deloris Jordan is like "powerful quiet presence“Magic Johnson describes being in the public eye. She has co-authored several books, many about her son. She even gave an honest account of Jordan’s birth, childhood, and losing her husband in a tragedy .

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The late James Jordan revealed in a book that Dolores was devastated after losing her mother while she was pregnant with Michael. James and Delores were also dealing with Michael’s birth complications during that time.

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She now stands out even more as a do-gooder. Most recently, she has advocated for blood donations and raising awareness about sickle cell anemia.Consolidation Magic “QuietAccording to the statement, Deloris did not make a public statement at the event. Instead, she spoke with interested parties to find ways in which the James R. Jordan Foundation could help further the initiative. Who do you think has a quiet yet powerful presence – Dolores or her son?

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