Novak Djokovic, 24 years old in history

was once a US Open No matter where you see it, it’s historically significant.Not only because of the child prodigy Coco Gough He won his first Grand Slam at home at the age of 19, also because Novak Djokovic At age 36, he reached the number we all knew he would reach: 24 majors. Even in 2022, when he decided not to take the vaccine, preventing him from reaching that number faster, after being deported from Australia and unable to enter the United States, all of us who have witnessed the Serbian mentality know that this denial only Will make him stronger and focused on achieving his goals.

It is undeniable that the Big Three Nole He has always been the most disliked, but since his 23rd place finish at Roland Garros, all those critics have run out of arguments. Some even changed sides and began to appreciate not just the tennis player, but the man behind one of the great feats in sports history. Beyond tennis, the debate over the best athlete is back. Is Novak Djokovic the best of all time?

Honestly, I can’t bring myself to get an answer.Just rely on your mental strength compete with that Michael Jordanwhile we always attribute genetics and talent to the best in their disciplines, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Lionel Messi, At first glance they do not remind us of Djokovic, the reality is that the length of his career, the records and hundreds of statistics he has in such an individual and technical sport as tennis do not have much to compare with sex.

his will Facing adversity is Equivalent to Tom Brady of course serena williams, who broke all plans. While the white man’s sport, and golf, which Tiger Woods conquered, is far from being the most popular sport in the world and therefore loses points for many, another undeniable argument is that all of these characters belong to the most privileged sport Olin Bath.To the historical work they have done in their respective disciplines we must add heritage Although Lewis Hamilton, Muhammad Ali, and even Simone Biles have all contributed to changing the world.

Displayed domain name Novak Djokovic As a seasoned tennis player in the “twilight years” of his career, facing a new set of opponents who finally seem poised to take up the baton of the sport that we as humans can dream of in the coming decades What will happen. Can be achieved at an age when circumstances begin to exert pressure. They say New York is the city where dreams come true, even though it’s also the hardest city to conquer.The most eternal No.1 has been proven again For him, nothing is impossible. More are coming soon.

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