Novavax says COVID-19 market will shift to combination flu vaccine

Pharmaceutical companies Novavax and “La Caixa” Foundation celebrated National COVID-19 Summit Discuss the challenges and future surrounding COVID-19.Within the framework of this meeting Melka 2 has been able to speak with the US company “to ensure a market shift towards seasonal combined respiratory vaccines, Especially for influenza and COVID-19.


One of the issues that has caused some controversy regarding the supply of COVID-19 vaccines is whether Spain has a surplus or excessive spending on the purchase of these sera.However, from the perspective of head of preventive medicine and public health services at Vital Álvarez Buylla de Mieres Hospital, doctors Maria Fernandez Prada, “There are different adapt vaccine “They are developed using different platforms and may also contain adjuvants in their composition, helping us better determine which vaccines are most beneficial for certain risk groups at any given time.”

A key lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of diversifying supply chains.

Likewise, Novavax believes that Important lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic We have always seen the importance of diversifying supply chains to ensure people have access to important health technologies, including medicines and vaccines that can improve health and save lives: “We believe that access to a diverse portfolio of vaccines is essential to supporting public health.

The fact is, today, Investment in vaccines is not as large as imagined. In fact, according to the endorsement by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the Spanish Vaccinology Association.

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Vaccine access

this World Health Organization (WHO), ensuring that although global vaccine capacity and manufacturing has increased, it remains very concentrated. Its limited supply and uneven distribution lead to disparities across the globe. Just 10 manufacturers supply 70% of vaccine doses (excluding COVID-19 vaccines), and some of the 20 most commonly used vaccines rely on just two suppliers.

This statistic is astonishing because in Europe less than 0.5% of GDP is allocated to disease prevention projects.Investments in vaccines by many countries The country does not reach 0.5% of health expenditure. In Spain, for example, it is 0.25% (€4 per capita, 2012 data).

In principle, vaccine procurement by all authorities is governed by the same regulations.

Regarding the procurement of vaccines, Head of Vaccination and Systemic Immunization Services and Risk Groups in Valencia, Dr. Jose Antonio LuchIt was explained that in principle, vaccine procurement is governed by the same regulations of all competent authorities: public administration contract law.

He now stressed the need to distinguish between procurement funded by the Ministry of Health and procurement funded by the Central Committee. AA. «In the second case, the ministry’s role is to coordinate procurement through a framework agreement, CC. AA.Make a contract based on this agreement. Furthermore, centralized procurement represents a very high assurance of supply because there is a contract obligating the laboratory to supply the doses specified in the contract.

Novavax COVID-19 vaccineNovavax COVID-19 vaccine
Novavax vaccine.


Thinking about the future of these serums from an evolutionary perspective and whether there is a need to adjust them based on emerging variants, Novavax says their data suggests that their serum XBB 1.5 vaccine induces good immune response This translates into real-world protection. «However, we believe it is appropriate to update the vaccine to protect against future variants. This update will shorten the antigenic distance and allow for proof of vaccine efficacy in the event of future mutations. Therefore, we are advancing JN.1 to commercial manufacturing. However, we will continue to evaluate the next variant.

“We believe it is appropriate to update the novavax vaccine to protect against future variants.”

Another important question regarding COVI-19 is ongoing COVID-19 or long-term COVID-19, A syndrome characterized by symptoms of the virus that persist for weeks or months after initial infection or that appear after a period of no symptoms.

Nuvavoxi, Novavax Covid-19 vaccine.

Various investigations in this area are currently underway, but we asked from MERCA2 if the Novavax vaccine could help mitigate the disease. «We continue to see broad immune response They commented that in our clinical studies, and long-lasting while maintaining good reactogenicity. It turns out that our initial COVID-19 vaccine, our XBB 1.5 vaccine, Against malaria R21/Matrix-M, and our experimental portfolio for COVID-19 and influenza.

At the same time, they are collecting real-world effectiveness data that shows immune response What they observed in their study could be translated into disease prevention, and they hope to continue sharing the data as it becomes available.

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