NSYNC collaboration video announcing reunion and new song

Seeing them together again on stage at the 2023 VMAs has an entire generation salivating. Following the teaser shown around the world, *NSYNC has officially announced their reunion. something that has been talked about for some time, promising fans a one-way trip to a “better place.” The legendary boy band reunited in the studio after more than 20 years since their farewell, to create new song which will be officially released at the end of the month.

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“When the stars align,” wrote Justin Timberlake.leader of the band, posting a video compiling some of the most emotional moments he and former bandmates J.C. Chase, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick spent in the recording room: “I got my brothers in the studio to work on something… it was fun and the energy was special.” Reunion *NSYNC is real: the 90s group will release a new song on September 29 authorized The best place.

“We talked about getting back together,” Lance Bass said Diversity three years ago: “There are no plans yet, but who knows? I think if we did something it would be for fun, the world needs something fun to listen to and I think we could bring some positivity. That’s what we all do.” need it right now. It could be something simple to test: if it works fine, if not, then good.” The moment has finally arrived.

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New single from *NSINHR is part of the film soundtrack Trolls uniteanimated film from Universal Pictures and DreamWorks (Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake return as the voices of Queen Poppy and Branch Ed) will be released on November 17 and, ironically, will be dedicated to the reunion of the boy band. While making the video for “*NSYNC for the first time in 23 years,” as Lance notes in the video, the five exes get back to working together, having fun and basking in a nostalgic embrace.

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“If we write this song, it will be a love letter to our fans. I’m honored to have the band on this song,” JT explains in the video, visibly emotional and proud to be the deus ex machina of the reunion. “I love you guys, this is just epic.” As believers remember, it was Jessica Biel’s husband who was the first to say goodbye to the group, born in 1995, 22 years ago. “We were in the middle of a stadium tour and I just realized it was too much. for me (…) And above all, now it was too tight for me (…) I wanted to create a different type of music, follow your heart “, he explained Hollywood Reporters.

“Are you going to do something? I need to know what this is about!” Taylor Swift exclaimed from the MTV Video Music Awards stage as a true fan of her all-time idols. The secret is revealed.

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