Number of people vaccinated against flu has exceeded the previous campaign: 1,130,000

Alicante (EFE) – The number of Valencians vaccinated against influenza in the three provinces of the autonomous region has exceeded the total number of the entire vaccination campaign last year, with more than 1,130,000 people, Health Minister Marciano Gomez announced.

The session entitled “Challenges to achieve quality healthcare”, held at the Information Club Alicante Forum, was attended by the province’s mayors and heads of healthcare management, including the President of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, Carlos María Carlos Mazón, Minister of Health attaches great importance to this data because, in addition, the vaccination campaign is not yet over, as it will last until February 29 next year.

He compared the 1.13 million vaccinations with last year’s total of 1.09 million vaccinations and said that the situation was “better than last year” and worthy of “satisfaction.”

He therefore wanted to express his gratitude to all citizens who have come to receive the vaccine without an appointment, saying that so far there have been 137,000 citizens across the community.

Reduce the incidence of influenza

Regarding influenza, he explained that the incidence of acute respiratory failure in the community has fallen slightly recently, to 1,297 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which is still higher than the national average, which is around 1,000 cases.

Gomez stressed that any preventive decisions such as the use of masks in social and medical centers will not be relieved “as long as it does not gradually taper off for three consecutive weeks”, as well as recalling that some health areas have higher incidence rates, Venalobo province, for example, has an incidence rate of approximately 1,700 cases, although overall hospital care has decreased as a result.

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