Nutricosmetics to Balance and Enhance Digestive Health

During the summer, especially during the holidays, we go out, eat out more and change our schedules and habits. These factors affect the gut microbiota (microflora or gut flora), the group of bacteria that live in our gut and regulate nutrition, immunity and inflammation in the body, so its balance is essential for good health Status matters. the whole organism. In fact, according to the latest published data, the second reason for hospital admissions in Spain in 2021 will be diseases related to the digestive system (12.3%), According to the National Statistics Institute (INE). Therefore, this time of year, it is important not to neglect food, because through it, we will help our bodies to function properly. digestive system. To this end, Eiralabs, the Spanish reference laboratory for high-quality nutraceuticalsrecommends fortifying the microbiota by: Probiotics+is a probiotic that balances your gut flora to restore digestive health and overall health, because 80% of your immunity resides in your gut microbiome, so your overall health depends on the health of your gut flora.

Probiotics can have several positive effects:

gut health: Probiotics help balance the gut microbiota, which is essential for good digestive health. A balanced gut flora facilitates proper absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins that can affect overall health and skin appearance.healthy skin: There is a link between gut health and skin. An imbalance in the gut microbiota can lead to skin problems like acne, rosacea, and dermatitis. Probiotics can help improve skin health by balancing gut flora and reducing inflammation.

Anti-Aging: Some probiotic strains have been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

strengthen the immune system: Probiotics also boost the immune system and help improve overall health.

what is your key

A Combination of 9 live probiotic strains that benefit the “bacteria”You’re so good” (Normal Microbiome) Protect your body to take care of your health. The key is the use of active probiotics and high-quality ingredients, such as MEGAFLORA complex composed of freeze-dried bacteria, whose effectiveness depends on the individual characteristics of each bacteria, balancing their benefits and working in harmony with the natural gut microbiota.

Eiralabs PROBIOTIC guarantees 90% bacterial survival

For probiotics to be effective, the bacteria need to be alive and activated when they reach the site of action (gut). It’s not easy, however, as most people die from the product, or cannot survive the digestive enzymes or stomach acid conditions. In fact, among other probiotics, it is estimated that less than 1 percent of the bacteria in the gut survive. Elara Paz Probiotics It has been developed using an innovative and unique technology that protects and nourishes the bacteria in the mixture in the product and guarantees their survival during the passage through the intestinal tract, ensuring a survival rate of over 90%. Once in the gut, this innovative protection makes it easier for the bacteria to activate, multiply rapidly and produce wholesome nutrients. EIRALABAS Probiotics balances gut microbiota to restore digestive health and overall wellbeing.

PROBIOTIC+ 60 capsules is priced at 43.90 Euros and you can buy it in pharmacies, pharmacies and

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