Oakland County warns of possible hepatitis A outbreak at Pine Knob

Michigan health officials are warning attendees of the latest nine concerts at the Pine Knob Music Theater to monitor themselves for hepatitis A infection.

The Oakland County Health Department reported Thursday that lab testing from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services confirmed a case of the virus at an outdoor music venue in Clarkston after receiving an alert about a suspected case of hepatitis A earlier this month.

The person who tested positive was connected to the Ivy Lounge at Pine Knob, an area open to seasonal membership holders and their guests, the Oakland County Health Department said in a news release Thursday, explaining that Aug. 26 Day to September. 8 You should monitor your symptoms. The health department is also encouraging unvaccinated people to get vaccinated.

“For those who attended the Jason Aldean concert and were at the Ivy Lounge,” Oakland County Medical Director Russell Faust said in a news release Thursday. For diners, the vaccination window to prevent hepatitis A is tomorrow (September 22).” “For anyone who has not been vaccinated against hepatitis A, we encourage vaccination to prevent future exposure.”

The vaccine is available at health department offices at North Oakland Health Center, 1200 North Telegraph Road, Pontiac, North Oakland Health Center, 34 East Building, Pontiac, and South Oakland Health Center, 27725 Greenfield Road, Southfield Buy. Those who are not eligible for federal or state programs that cover the cost of vaccination will be charged, but “no one will be denied services because of their inability to pay,” officials wrote in a news release.

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus. It is spread through close contact with an infected person or by eating food or drinks contaminated with the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2018, a total of 12,474 cases of hepatitis A were reported in the United States, and because some people are never diagnosed, the actual number of cases reported that year is likely closer to 24,900.

The incubation period for hepatitis A averages about 28 days, but can be as long as 15 to 50 days. For unvaccinated people, it is recommended that they get vaccinated within two weeks of exposure. Symptoms include sudden abdominal pain, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, headache, dark urine, vomiting, and yellowing of the skin and eyes. In rare cases of infection, people with pre-existing medical conditions or compromised immune systems may develop liver failure.

For people who may have been exposed between August 26 and September 8 at the Ivy Lounge, here are the details of the exposure dates and recommended actions by local health officials:

  • August 26 (Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert) – Monitor for symptoms
  • August 29 (Arctic Monkeys Concert) – Monitor for symptoms
  • August 30 (Foreigner Concert) – Monitor for symptoms
  • September. 1 (Music Interference) – Monitor for symptoms
  • September. 2 (Baker and Phoenix Concert) – Monitor for symptoms
  • September. 3 (Pentatonix Concert) — Monitor for symptoms
  • September. 5 (Rob Zombie Concert) — Monitor for symptoms
  • September. 6 (Smashing Pumpkins Concert) — Monitor for symptoms
  • September. 8 (Jason Aldean Concert) – Get vaccinated by Saturday 6 September 23

Some ways to reduce the spread of hepatitis A include washing hands and disinfecting surfaces. Patients should avoid preparing food for two weeks after the onset of symptoms.

For more information about hepatitis A, visit the health department’s website at Oakgov.com/health or contact the on-call nurse at 800-848-5533 or noc@oakgov.com. Regular nurse hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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