Offers on household appliances during the Black Friday sales

The month of November is known to many as the month of offers and discounts on all kinds of goods and products, especially on electrical and electronic appliances, because the last Friday in it is called White Friday, or in the West it is called Black Friday, in which the percentage of discounts exceeds 50%, and in this The article will review the most important Black Friday sales in Egypt on the prices of household appliances, especially household appliances or bridal appliances.

Black Friday sales in Egypt

Black Friday sales in Egypt

The Arab Organization for Industrialization in Egypt offers 5 offers on household appliances as part of the Black Friday Egypt 2023 sales, including:

  • You get 4 appliances for 70,800 instead of 82,508 Egyptian pounds (18 foot refrigerator – 90 cm stove – 38 liter microwave – 8 kg washing machine).

  • By purchasing 4 different appliances in terms of usage at the price of 56,900 instead of 65,900 Egyptian pounds, including a stove, a 16-foot refrigerator, an 8kg washing machine and a 25-liter microwave oven.

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Black Friday sales 1445

Black Friday sales in Egypt

The latest 3 offers from the Arab Organization for Industrialization in the 2023 White Friday Sale in Egypt include the following:

  • 4 appliances at the price of 51,900 instead of 60,390 Egyptian pounds (stove, 25 liter microwave, 395 liter refrigerator and 8 kg washing machine).

  • 3 household appliances priced at 14,100 instead of 17,410 Egyptian pounds, including a 16-inch fan, a 2200-watt vacuum cleaner and a Bluetooth 43 screen.

  • 3 home appliances priced at 4830 instead of 7040 Egyptian pounds, as the offer includes an 18-inch fan, a home water cooler and a 3-plug, 1500-watt water heater.

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Black Friday sales 2023

Prices of smart TV screens in Bernin as part of the Black Friday sales in Egypt reach:

  • 4199 instead of 5899 Egyptian pounds for the Fresh LED 32-inch LH123 TV.

  • 4799 instead of 6999 Egyptian pounds for the JAC 32-inch JB611/JA 611 LED TV.

  • 5199 instead of 7399 Egyptian pounds for the Tornado 32 inch HD screen which contains 2 USB ports and a built-in receiver.

Black Friday sales 2023

The prices of household appliances in Raneen with Black Friday offers reach:

  • 749 instead of 839 Egyptian pounds for a 350 watt hand blender.

  • 3899 instead of 4399 Egyptian pounds for a 1000 watt food processor – 27 functions, consisting of a 2 liter jug ​​and a 3 liter chopper with parts for chopping and mincing.

  • 4599 instead of 5599 Egyptian pounds for a 4.2 liter Tefal Digital oil-free fryer.

Black Friday offers for household appliances

Raneen prices on household appliances until early December 2023 reach:

  • 639 instead of 675 Egyptian Pounds Ultra 2000 Watt stainless steel kettle.

  • 899 instead of 949 Egyptian pounds for a 2200 Watt Ultra steam iron with ceramic base.

Black Friday sales on Amazon

Amazon Egypt Black Friday offers 2023 are as follows:

  • Samsung vacuum cleaner, model VC20M2510WB/SG, priced at 3,999 instead of 4,900 Egyptian pounds.

  • Bissell 2 in 1 lightweight upright vacuum cleaner, 0.5 liters, 450 watts, model 2024 E, priced at 3750 instead of 4599 Egyptian pounds.

BTech Black Friday Sale

Home appliances can be purchased from B.TECH Egypt as part of the Black Friday 2023 offers as follows:

  • 14,199 instead of 17,255 Egyptian pounds for a premium 5-burner stainless steel gas stove, model PRM6090S1GC511IDSPVD.

  • 12,799 instead of 13,251 Egyptian pounds for a Fresh automatic top-loading washing machine in silver, 8 kg, model FTM11F12S.

When is Black Friday 2023?

The last Friday of November 2023 is November 24th.

What is the Black Friday date?

The date corresponding to the last Friday of November of each year.

How long do Black Friday deals last?

Until the end of November or the beginning of December, depending on each company or online store.

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