Ojiono: On the 9th of the show “I Sweep the Spozy”

“Our Spouses”, a local history show adapted from the more famous “I promessi sposi” by Alessandro Manzoni. Pageant proposedMount Brianza Universityin cooperation with the city ogionothe folklore group Renzo e Lucia, pro loco, the cultural club Angelo Tenchio and the pastoral community of San Giovanni Battista, which includes the parishes of Annone Brianza, Ello, Imberido and Oggiono.
Actors on stage: Andrea Brenna, Antonia Sala, Christian Casale, Christian Clerici, Luisella Colombo, Marco Giuliano, Margherita Cattaneo and Nicoletta Castagna. Readers will be Adele Sironi and Edoardo Marzi, and music curators will be Firlinfeu, Renzo and Lucia di Lecco. Andrea De Capitani is present as a script assistant and Enrico Bosco will be the host. Appointment set for Saturday 9th of September at 20.30 at Lazzaretto in Oggiono: in case of bad weather, the show will take place at Palabachelet. Admission is free, but a donation is welcome, which will go to the restoration work of churches.

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