Olivia Rodrigo blasts GOP state senator for attacking her iPhone ad

Fans of Olivia Rodrigo attacked the Republican senator from Pennsylvania, who dared to criticize the behavior of their idol in an iPhone advertisement.

“Just saw the new @Apple iPhone ad,” John DiSanto wrote Monday on X (formerly Twitter). “The young girl filming on her phone is dressed provocatively, turns on the car, trashes the room, and so on. Pathetic propaganda of this is how young women should act.”

Last month, Apple released a video shot on the iPhone 15 Pro of Rodrigo performing his song “Get Him Back!” The ad actually shows the 20-year-old driving a parked car, as well as her sitting in a car with broken windows and windshield, throwing a lamp into her bedroom.

The response to DiSanto’s disapproval was swift and merciless.

“This is really pathetic,” responded one fan of Rodrigo, while another called him “such a loser.” A third said DiSanto should “cry into your juice box about this you big baby.”

One said they “wanted to lock his car” while some called him a form of “creep” for describing Rodrigo’s crop top and skirt outfit as provocative. A typical comment accused DiSanto of being a “pathetic scumbag” and advised him to “stop commenting on how young people, especially women, should dress and act.”

Others simply wanted DiSanto to “shut up.” One person, apparently upset, simply wrote: “You’re a fart.”

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