Olivia Rodrigo returns to top of the charts with single ‘Vampire’

More than two years after her debut with ‘Driver’s License’, Olivia Rodrigo is back at the top of the charts thanks to ‘Vampire’, a revenge song and the first single from her next album: ‘Guts’. The song talks about the numerous love disappointments suffered by the singer, this time wound up by a “fame-sucking vampire”, against whom Olivia exacts her revenge through her music, an angelic voice and A perfect blend of a razor sharp tongue.

olivia rodrigo, new single vampire this is already a record

“vampire”, proves to be a worthy successor to the big hits of the first album Olivia Rodrigo,Tart taste”As good 4u, deja vu, traitor and of course, Driver’s license,

After debuting on various streaming platforms on June 30, the new single rodrigo he got well 9 million plays in just one day #1 on the global Spotify charts.

Another important peak reached by the singer is Billboard Hot 100 where the new single achieved another number one position.

Similar success was found in the music video as well. vampire directed by petra collins (who previously collaborated with Olivia Rodrigo on the music video Cruel And good 4u, The video clip currently has 26 million views on YouTube, of which 12 million were received on the day of publication.

vampire What is hidden behind the song Revenge, by Olivia Rodrigo

Afterwards flowers by Miley Cyrus And Music Sessions Vol 53 Of shakira, olivia rodrigo rides the wave revenge songs,

The song is co-written with longtime friend and collaborator Daniel negroThe epilogue is the singer’s ill-fated relationship with a ‘vampire’ who molests and exploits her to her infamy.

vampirea song for those who are hurt

Olivia Rodrigo in the music video of vampire

beginning as a piano ballad and then developing into a full chant is a hit It is as honest as it is charming. Olivia Rodrigo said she wrote vampire All at once, he poured out on the piano the whirlwind of feelings he felt.

“I was upset about a certain situation and I went to the studio alone. I sat down at the piano and the chords, the melody and the lyrics all started coming out on their own. almost like it’s aout of body experience, there’s a song about it feeling confused and hurt, At first I thought the song would be a piano ballad, but when Dan and I started working on it, we decided to add a drum beat to the song, changing the tempo of the song. Now this is a song about love that’s gone you can dance to,

The Lyrics of “Vampires Suck Fame” and Its Crude Morality

The song’s protagonist is the singer’s ex-boyfriend who is addressed as “”.vampireThirsted not for blood but for fame, especially that of Rodrigo, whom he manipulated and used. As the girl recounts in the second verse, although many people warned her not to trust the “vampire”, he managed to lie to her so well that she believed they were just “crazy girls”. Were.

Olivia, who suffers in the first two verses, finds her strength in this Bridge Last. comes to the conclusion that a vampire cannot love anyone because it does not have a heart and the awareness of what love really is. Ultimately, unable to understand the vampire’s warped mind, the girl accepts the fact that, no matter how hard she tries, she cannot change him.

This is an important lesson learned not only by Rodrigo but also by the fans listening vampire, Society and the mass media promote a sort of modern narrative of “Beauty and the Beast”, especially absorbed by girls, who are increasingly convinced that a man is more than just a character. As unpleasant as it is intriguing, each of these “vampires” has a hidden noble soul that only the girls’ desperate persistence can bring to the fore. And so more and more young people”red crossThey convince themselves that they can change these people instead of submitting themselves to the evidence: not all animals are princes and, as Olivia Rodrigo teaches us, a heartless person will never know how to love. is done.

The identity of the “vampire” according to fans

Fame brings with it many honors and as many burdens, including a growing lack of privacy. Even before the release of her debut album, Olivia Rodrigo’s love life was not a secret. So when it comes out in May 2021 TartWhere the singer recounts the troubled end of her first love, fans immediately recognize Joshua between the verses BassettEx of Olivia Rodrigo as well as her co-star in “‘High School Musical: The Musical’ : The Series,

This time the fans have identified two potential victims, following a more complex “X Hunt”. vampire, first is director adam phase With which Rodrigo was associated for seven months from July 2021 to February 2022. However, another possible candidate is DJ Jack Bia, with whom the singer had a brief relationship last summer.

CourageOlivia Rodrigo has a new album coming

While fans await any confirmation or denial about who inspired it vampireOlivia Rodrigo announced on social media that her next album, Courage, Will arrive on September 8, 2023.

The singer said she has focused more on writing in her new artistic phase. In the following songs, 20-year-old Olivia and no longer a teenager, tells with courage and with equal delicacy the difficulties of facing adult life.

So the question remains: vampire is the ‘swan song’ of it was sour Or a prelude to the next? Will Olivia Rodrigo be able to reinvent herself without completely losing what has always set her apart from other artists?

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