Olivia Rodrigo Says Her Friendship Tattoo Now Looks Like ‘Smeared Marker’ – See Photo

Olivia Rodrigo and her friends got matching tattoos in the spring of 2022, but according to the star, the ink didn’t last. super big.

In a recent video from Wired, Olivia Rodrigo answered some of the most frequently asked questions about her, including her ink. Apparently people are wondering if Rodrigo has a tattoo, and while he does, it doesn’t quite classify it as real ink at this stage, calling it “controversial”.

At the time, Apatow and Rodrigo opted for a simple heart design, while Charli D’Amelio and Avani Gregg placed emojis in the same spot. According to Rodrigo, the tattoo on his finger did not realize its full potential. “I have the same tattoo with my best friend Iris (Apatow). We have hearts on our pinkies, but mine are completely erased,” she explains. “It doesn’t look like a heart at all. Looks like I smeared Sharpie all over my arm.” Rodrigo says that although it is technically possible some ink for a tattoo on her arm, she “wouldn’t really classify it as a tattoo.” (The ink fades, but hopefully the friendship will remain, right?)

Olivia Rodrigo’s Friendly Tattoo 2022

Screenshots. Courtesy of Charli D’Amelio/TikTok @charlidamelio

Olivia Rodrigo’s Friendly Tattoo in 2023.

Screenshots. Courtesy of Wired/YouTube

If you’re wondering if Rodrigo is going to fix her little heart, he’s not. In fact, she’s also hitting the pause button on new tattoos. “I think for my next tattoo I’ll wait until I have kids and get their names tattooed on me,” she says.

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