Olivia Rodrigo sensed an opportunity to seek help.

Olivia Rodrigo

“I feel like I have a chance to get therapy.”

Singer Olivia Rodrigo is happy to see a psychiatrist for her mental health. She encourages people to follow their example.


American singer Olivia Rodrigo suffers from anxiety and self-doubt.


If Olivia Rodrigo has achieved enormous success in music, she remains a young woman with her doubts and weaknesses. At 16, she developed anxiety and self-doubt, which caused her to empower herself. Also, to find balance, Olivia decided to see a psychologist. “I feel like I have a chance to get therapy that will last a long time,” the star admitted on the Mix 104.1 Boston radio show. The singer, here with so many albums “beaucoup de pression pour son deuxième”, is much more than just a debut in her career, it has been a story of criticism from internauts due to her too poor physique. The 20-year-old American woman, described as anorexic on social media, was touched by the attacks but should take advice from her GP.

Selon Olivia, these sessions are done in a “time better” mode in an exponential manner. Cell here will be an EP with a call to inédits pour le Black Friday, so that people suffering from troubles can follow these examples. “Cela m’a Rendue Tellement plus heureuse en tant que personne, Tellement plus ancree. It’s good to want someone to talk to you, and I don’t know any other way here. It’s just a one-on-one moment.” She also needs to point out that I’m crazy not happy with the eco-outer without warning me about these actions: “Croyez-moi, mon therapist, one opinion. Il m’a déjà dit “Pourquoi faites-vous ça? Ne faites pas ça!” And so you say to me: “Mon Dieu, il a raison!”

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