On February 2, 2024, mixed infection of influenza A H10N5 and influenza A H3N2 occurred in Zhejiang Province, China

February 2, 2024

health authority China One co-infected human case is being monitored Avian Influenza Influenza A H10N5 and Influenza A H3N2 Zhejiang.

This is a 63-year-old woman with underlying diseases. She began to develop symptoms on November 30 last year and was hospitalized on December 2. Finally died on December 16. No abnormalities were found during medical observation in his relevant close contacts.

Genetic analysis shows that the H10N5 virus gene originated from poultry. However, the risk of infection with the H10N5 virus in humans is low and human-to-human transmission has not been observed.

Travelers to the Mainland or other affected areas are advised to avoid visiting live poultry markets or farms.

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More information about avian influenza in China

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  • H10N3 First human case in Jiangsu Province, China
  • H5N1
    • The virus is endemic in birds and is excreted in large quantities in their feces.
    • Cases have been reported in most parts of the country.
    • Although the risk to travelers is minimal, it is recommended to avoid direct contact with birds or their secretions.
    • Cooked chicken does not spread the virus.
    • 2023. Jiangsu in March
    • 2005 to March 2023. 55 human cases
  • H7N9 avian influenza. Since December 2016, an increase in human cases has been reported.
    • Between March 31, 2013 and October 19, 2014, 10 cases were reported in Hong Kong.
  • Status Report: December 2019
  • Type A H9N2. Status report:
  • H3N8
  • H5N6
    • 2023. New deaths in Sichuan on December 23 (88 human cases Influenza A (H5N6) officially reported in China since 2014); Chongqing on September 28; Cases on September 1; Nanchong, Sichuan, in June; March into Guandong
    • 2022.July Jiangxi March
    • 2021. Guangdong in December, Sichuan in July
    • From 2014 to June 2023, China’s health department reports 85 human cases Avian influenza A (H5N6), killing 33 people.

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